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Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker Reviews and Consumer Report

Source Naturals may not be a brand name that jumps off the paper at you.  You may not even recognize their logo when you see it.  Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker ReviewsBut that doesn’t mean this company hasn’t had a long standing, steady reputation within the industry.  Depending on your experience and overall knowledge of the supplement marketplace, brands may seem familiar or completely foreign.  We urge you to look beyond the brands and research the product itself more closely before buying.

Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker brings similar formula to many of the other Carb Blocking formula we review here on the website.  Most have 1000 mg and Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker is the same.  Of course they list it as 1 gram of white kidney bean rather than 1000 mg, but it is all the same measurement.

Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker Reviews

It poses a problem to attempt to compare and contrast supplements that have identical of very similar formulas.  White Kidney Bean is the active ingredient that you are essentially looking to take.  Most carb block formulas will contain that ingredient and will do so at varying concentrations.  This causes many consumers to resort to looking at price as the motivation for picking one brand or the others.  Other consumers may look at capsule counts as well.  While both of those are logical we actually ask that you look a little closer at the supplement facts and take a look at the ingredients in the supporting role.

Many brands will leave the formula pretty simply, such as Source Naturals.  Other brands will add other proven weight loss aids that work to affect how your body processes proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients you consumer.  Garcinia Cambodia, for example, would be an ideal ingredient to combine with white kidney bean, yet surprisingly most manufacturers fail to do so due to cost.  While we are sympathetic to costs, especially those passed along to consumers, what we want the most is results.  Unfortunately, a simple formula like Source Naturals simply cannot compete with those formulas that combine with garcinia cambogia.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Source Naturals Reviews have shown that you can purchase this product in 30 ct., 60 ct., and 120 ct. bottles to choose from.  Price range from $11 up to $42 depending on your choice.  Instructions are to take 2 capsules 1o minutes before meals containing starch.  For most people that is at least 2 meals per day.  Source Naturals recommend you do NOT take more than 6 capsules daily.  Be sure to examine your normal dietary habits before deciding whether this product is affordable for your or not.

Overall Impression

Our overall impression of Source Naturals Phase 2 Carb Blocker is one of boredom to be honest.  Its not that the formula is ineffective, many brands have the same formula.  Our issue is that the product is very “vanilla” and does nothing to push the boundaries to find more effective and faster results.

Make no mistake about it though, Source Naturals has a quality product and they are a manufacturer that can be trusted.  We simply feel that if you are a consumer looking to find a carb blocker, you probably want to find a product that is as effective as it can be.  In order for you to achieve maximum results, we believe you should look for a formula that is slightly more advanced, perhaps one that combines with Garcinia Cambogia would be best.