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Somnoplex Sleep Aid Reviews Earned our Editor’s Choice Award!

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The Somnoplex Sleep Aid was created by David C. Brodner, M.D.  a double Board-Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist who has been treating Sleep Disorder Somnoplex Reviewspatients since 1997. Dr. Brodner is based in South Florida and decided to create his own all-natural Sleep Aids because of the large number of his own patients who were dissatisfied with their prescription medications and who were nervous to purchase something on the Internet from an unknown source.  As word of this fabulous formula started to get around, it was no surprise it rapidly because one of Americas Fastest Growing Sleep Aids.

Through our search and Somnoplex Reviews we have found that Somnoplex is the only sleep aid designed by an actual sleep medicine physician with over 10 years of real world experience.  It is that practical knowledge that went into the formulation of Somnoplex and the reason it is as popular as it is.  Treating insomnia is not as simple as many sleep aids would have you believe.  Patients have found that this formula is powerful enough to help them sleep, but formulated specifically to avoid causing sluggishness the next day. Dr. Brodner culled through all of the available scientific data in the Sleep Medicine literature to find the ingredients he felt most effective. He personally created the proprietary blend to provide a Sleep Aid like no other available today, and we feel like this sets Somnoplex apart. 


While many sleep aids contain similar ingredients, it is important to realize that the true benefits of these ingredients comes from precise combination of ingredients, concentrations and formulations.  No Sleep Aid on the market does that better than Somnoplex, in our opinion! – Melatonin – Valerian – Hops – Chamomile – Lemon Balm – Glycine – Passion Flower While the exact concentrations and details of the formula are proprietary information, Dr. Brodner urges all consumers to focus on the results of a product, rather than isolating which ingredient is responsible for your restful sleep.

Price and Buying

The Somnoplex Sleep Aid is available online or directly through the Doctor himself.  Online the product is available for sale for roughly $69.99 per bottle, however there is discounted pricing for regular deliveries of bulk purchases.  Overall, this is a moderately priced sleep aid and the consumers who have used it are more than happy to pay the price, considering they have now found their solution to sleepless nights.  The official website is


Each bottle of Somnoplex contains 60 capsules.  Serving size is 2 capsules so each bottle is a 30 day supply, taking it regularly.  While some users only take occasionally, for more difficult insomnia, users should take 2 capsules daily for maximum results.

Information Reported Online

We were pleasantly surprised to see that this product had a wonderful reputation and it seems Dr. Brodner takes as much care with his customer service as he does with his patients and formulations. While the sleep aid itself is another class than the competition, Dr. Brodner still advises his patients to remember that many times behavioral changes are also an important part of curing sleepless nights.  Somnoplex will set you up for success, but realize that long term you will need to make some changes as well.  There is nothing worse that dealing with long, sleepless nights.  The frustration and the exhaustion alone are terrible, but the long term health concerns are even worse.  Starting a regimen of Somnoplex, in our opinion, will help you start sleeping better… fast.

In a Nut Shell

For those who suffer from sleepless nights the thought of finding an effective sleep aid is as exciting as anything.  If you have struggled in the past, you can rest assured that Somnoplex is the sleep aid you have been looking for.  This is not some generic sleep aid turned out by supplement companies everywhere, this is a doctor formulated sleep aid.  This is the real deal!  And users will tell you what a difference the right formula can make in helping you sleep. We can confidently say that this is the best sleep aid we have come across….ever.  The good Dr. Brodner has delivered a product that is scientifically based and real world tested for over 10 years as a medical sleep professional.  The formula is second to none, the price is affordable.  If you suffer from lack of sleep, take Somnoplex and get the rest you so desperately deserve.