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Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews Reviews and Product Highlights

If you have been looking for a calming treat for your pup or older dog, you probably have encountered Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews Reviewsthe name ‘Smart Bones.’ This brand is quite popular for its offerings, particularly those that promote and support better pet health. If you are wondering whether or not its calming chews are worth a shot, you should take the time to finish this Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews reviews. Here, you are going to learn more about it and find it easier to make a decision.


If your canine pal is displaying poor health, problems with behavior, and lack of appetite, it is possible that he/she is stressed out. Anxiousness, being hyperactive, excessively barking, trembling and shivering, aggressiveness, and destructiveness are just some of the symptoms of a stressed out dog. While some of these are normal occurences, it does not mean that you should just allow your pet to go through and just suffer from them.

According to the manufacturer, as well as a great number of pet owners, Smart Bones can help with all these symptoms.

About the Product

Smart Bones Chicken Chews is a popular dog chew. Now, the manufacturer has decided to offer the same formula with the inclusion of calming properties. The original SmartBones contained real ingredients, including chicken and vegetables, and, as the brand claims, no trace of rawhide. The calming version makes use of the same set of ingredients.

Every Smart Bones Chicken Chew comes in two colors: a portion that is light in color, and a portion that is colored. The grain-based chew’s light portion is where the blend of chicken and vegetables are. The colored portion, aside from containing real chicken pieces, also feature extracts of chamomile and lavender. Both herbal ingredients are touted to promote calmer behavior in hounds.

About Smart Bones

It is quite important to discuss the manufacturing company/brand in product reviews, as this is going to give you a clearer idea on who you are going to deal with. So to bring you as much information as you possibly can use, we have included a brief overview on the company in this section of this unbiased Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews review.

Smart Bones is basically known for being one of the most innovative and leading companies in the industry of dog foods, dog treats, and dog supplies. One of its most popular offerings is the Smart Bones Chicken Chews, which provides the same benefits as the regular rawhide chews. The only difference is that these chews do not come with any trace of rawhide.

All in all, Smart Bones provide pet owners with a way to give their beloved pals a healthier alternative to rawhide treats.


As for the ingredients used in the Smart Bones Calming Care chews, here are some of the major ones:

  • Vegetable Mix. Includes corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peas
  • Herbal Extract Mix. Includes chamomile extract and lavender extract
  • Vitamin Supplement Mix. Includes Niacin, Vitamin, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, and Biotin


Below are some of the key features of Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews.


All Smart Bones products are being marketed as 100% rawhide-free chews and treats. These are also said to be made using real, dry pieces of chicken breast. Aside from the dental health benefits that come from the chewing activity these products provide, your dog is also going to enjoy the chomping and chewing activities.

Vitamin- and Mineral-Fortified, Over 99 Percent Digestibility

It is also worthy to note that SmartBones Chicken Chews are the first of its kind to have been fortified with vitamins and minerals. They are 99 percent digestible, which is a very impressive leap from the kind of digestibility that rawhide treats have. And with the Calming Care treats from Smart Bones, you can also help ease anxiety, hyperactivity, excessive barking, nervousness, and other behavioral issues in your pet.

All-Natural Pet Chews

These all-natural-using pet treats and chews are also available in many different sizes and flavors. Aside from the original chicken flavor, you can also opt for dental or peanut butter.


One of the good things about Smart Bones is that it offers a much healthier alternative to rawhide bones. Much like the original version, the Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews have the same hard texture, dental health benefits, and great taste, but without any rawhide contents. Now, you no longer have to be concerned about digestibility problems in your canine pal.

Aside from this most obvious benefit, here are some other advantages that the Smart Bones Calmin Care treats have:

  • SmartBones Calming Care Chews are 99% digestible
  • These chews are recommended and preferred by most pet owners over the traditional meat and/or rawhide chews.
  • Made using wholesome vegetables and grain starch.
  • Contains real chicken jerky inside.
  • Contains lavender and chamomile extracts that provide calming care.
  • High digestibility rate (more than 99%), makes it easier for dogs to process these treats, thus; enjoy the benefits faster without suffering from abdominal and digestive problems.
  • Available in different flavors, including chicken, peanut butter, and dental.
  • As a side benefit, your dog is going to have smaller, firmer stools.


Almost, if not all, products come with certain disadvantages, and the Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews are no exception. Some of the potential drawbacks of this product include the following:

  • May not be as effective in other dogs
  • May have to be given in higher doses for the calming benefits to take effect
  • Vitamin and mineral fortification may be considered by others as too low in dosages


All in all, to conclude this Smart Bones Calming Care Chicken Chews reviews, we can say that this product is worth a try, especially if you are looking for a tried and tested health-beneficial dog treat. Since the price is within the affordable range, you do not have to worry about your money going to waste, even if you would have to give your beloved canine pal a higher dosage to help him/her calm down and be stress-free.