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Trying to find the right Skin and Coat Soft Chew? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats Reviews

You might have come across dogs that sport very healthy-looking, shiny, and beautiful coats, and you Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats Reviewsmay have wondered how your own canine pal can achieve the same thing. You should know that the answer to this is through careful and proper supplementation. In this Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats review, we are going to help you figure out whether or not this product is something that you should consider giving to your beloved pet.


In the event that this is the first time you have heard or read of the Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats, your dog may just be missing out on a lot. This is one of the most highly recommended dog health supplements in the market, and for many good reasons.

So before you spend your money elsewhere, make sure that you read this Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats review first. This way, you can make a better decision as to whether or not this product should be your first choice.

Smart n Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats Reviews

Smart n’ Tasty Canine Dental Treats Skin & Coat Formula Dog Treats, according to the manufacturer, are supplements that have been manufactured using the latest in food technology. The outside of the product is hard enough to be effective in scraping the teeth clean, which then promotes better oral health in dogs. The interior, on the other hand, is comprised of a tasty treat, which is made from ingredients known for their health benefits.

Dental Cleaning Action

The treats, seeing that they are extruded, feature a gummy texture which surrounds the teeth while your dog chomps and chews on them. This gummy feature is the one responsible for scraping clean the teeth during the up and down chewing motions. As an overall result, your dog is able to have fresher breath and improved oral health.

Skin and Coat Support

Aside from the oral health care benefits that the Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats have to offer, they are also specifically designed to promote better skin and coat health. Through the use of all-natural components, such as real cheese, sunflower oil, and salmon oil, the beloved canine member of your family can soon have healthier, more lustrous coat and skin.

The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid content of these dog treats also help maximize results, as these essential oils are known for their coat and skin beneficial properties. As long as you are able to give your dog the proper dosage, you can expect your pet’s coat and skin to display significant improvements soon.

Easy to Administer and Digest

The fact that these treats are exceptionally palatable also makes them easy to administer, and a joy for your dog to chew on and digest. Even if your dog is very finicky and choosy when it comes to treats, chances are; he/she is going to like this treat.

Directions for Use 

Now that you know more about the product, the next part of this Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats review is about the feeding directions. You should base the size of the treats on your dog’s weight. In the event that you choose this product as your pet’s supplement, you can follow this basic guideline.

  • For small dogs, or those weighing 25 pounds or less – Choose the Small Dog Treats.
  • For medium dogs, or those weighing between 25 to 50 pounds – Choose the Medium Dog Treats.
  • For large dogs, or those weighing between 40 to 60 pounds – Choose the Large Dog Treats.

It is extremely important that you are there when these treats are administered. You should also always have clean, fresh water nearby.


As what the manufacturing company has to say, the Smart n’ Tasty Canine Dental Treats Skin & Coat Formula Dog Treats serve the following functions:

  1. Provide additional support for better oral health.
  2. Provide  an enjoyable and tasty way for your dog to exercise his/her jaw, without the risks associated with chomping or chewing on rawhide treats.
  3. Provide the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to improve skin and coat health.
  4. Provide the nourishment needed to maintain top notch skin and coat health.
  5. Provide all the necessary components for better overall health and well being.


Here is a quick list of the features that the Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treats are said to have.

  • Beneficial or oral health, as the hard exterior helps scrape the teeth clean.
  • Promote fresher breath and overall optimal dental health.
  • Exceptionally palatable.
  • Easy to digest, and does not pose the same risks associated with rawhide treats.
  • Packed with antioxidants.
  • Also contains essential fatty acids, in the form of Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  • Made entirely in the United States.


Now let us take a closer look at the product’s best aspects that make it stand out from the rest.

  • Comes from a highly trusted and reputable manufacturing company.
  • Unlike many similar products, the ingredients are all sourced from the United States, and the entire manufacturing process is also done in the country.
  • It is one of the few brands of supplements that come with numerous health benefits aside from its main function as a support for better skin and coat health.
  • It also helps reduce instances and severity of shedding.

The Drawbacks

The only disadvantage that we can find about this product is that, due to its hard exterior, there is still a possibility that an overeager dog may have a hard time swallowing it. This it is the main reason as to why you should always be there to supervise while your pet is chewing and chomping on the treat.

The Price

The suggested retail price is $13, but you are going to find online merchants offering the product at discounted rates.


There is only one conclusion for this Smart and Tasty Skin and Coat Formula Dog Treat review: it is a highly recommendable supplement worth your time and money. Even if the price is more than the average, this can easily be resolved bylooking for online sellers that offer it at a discounted rate.