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Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Day Cream Reviews appear about average.

Every once in a while, I’ll notice that I’ve been using a particular product for a few years and find myself surprised that I have not written a formal review praising it. skincare cosmetics retinol day cream imageThis is the case for the Skincare Cosmetics Retinol Day Cream. I am in my late fifties and have used this products for over five years. I keep it in my stash of frequently used beauty products because it has significantly reduced signs of aging and perhaps is the only reason I can get away with lying about my age.

When I first stumbled onto this product, I was close to the point of giving up on the fight against aging because everywhere I read about it, my issues seemed irreparable. I had a lot of sun damage due to sunbathing and sparse use of sunscreen and while I had gone a few years staying away from the sun and using sunblock religiously, I could not reverse the damage that was already there and I always felt that my skin would reflect my neglect.

A friend once recommended this cream to me and since she has great skin and is always in the know about the latest beauty products, I decided to take a look at the Retinol Day Cream she said she swore by. Even at that time, there were quite a bit of reviews for the cream and I noticed that it was a very popular item. I decided to purchase it and to be honest it was just OK, nothing special.

Women face a whole new range of beauty problems once they reach the age of 35 and there is nothing better worth keeping than something that works to fend off those years. I specifically listed the age 35 because that was the first time I ever became concerned with the way I looked, specifically in relation to my age. I had noticed a few fine lines in my early thirties and dry skin became a constant issue. At that time, I was simply trying to keep up with my daily sunscreen application and maintain a healthy diet. I also used extra virgin olive oil to moisturize my skin and I blame that for keeping me satisfied throughout most of my late thirties. However, when I hit the big four-five, I thought it was time to bring in the big guns, and by that, I meant highly effective, anti-aging creams. I promised myself a long time ago that I would never go under the knife and I was keeping that promise.

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The concerns that I was facing included dry skin, sun spots and blotchy skin, uneven texture and tone, expression lines and some deeper wrinkles on my forehead, and general dullness. I went into the routine thinking that perhaps the non-permanent aspects of my skin would change some, but never expected that my expression lines or deep forehead wrinkles would improve. My results were amazing and the fact that I continue to use the cream almost into my sixties really shows my loyalty to this cream- Actually, I never thought about how dedicated I was to it until I actually counted the years I’ve used it.

It’s been too long for me to remember my first reaction to the cream or how my skin felt immediately after, but if I decided to keep it, I’ll assume that the first impression was positive. I can speak about my skin’s condition toward the end of one container. I’ve gone through a few and it takes me about 6 months to get through one jar and all I remember is that I pre-ordered a second jar before the first one ended because I was worried about skipping a day of application. That’s how depended I had become on this cream.

After that first jar of this retinol day cream, my skin was looking ten years younger and everyone around me was noticing the difference in my skin. The expression lines I had been so worried about were actually fading and as for the sunspots, dry skin, and texture issues, it was as if they had never been there to begin with. My skin looked and felt brand new.

That was the first jar. Now, I’ve used a few of them and I can’t remember the last time I looked at my skin and discovered a new age-related flaw. My skin is beautiful and looks years younger than it is supposed to. I have smooth, moisturized skin with even skin tone and zero marks of sun damage (I don’t even have a freckle to speak of). My pores also look smaller and my face is skin is simply beautiful.

This cream was a definite skin-saver for me and has helped me rescue and maintain my skin for years and years. Something you keep this long and continue to purchase has to be good and the only concern I have is that one day it will go off the shelves. I know I’m not the only fan of this amazing day cream, so that seems unlikely, but I still make sure to order two jars at a time just in case.

Something else I’d like to say concerns the manufacturers of this product. I love that even though I’ve used this cream for years, they have not changed the formula. A lot of beauty products often become useless once the formula changes, but I have to say that I am very glad that this cream is as perfect as can be and zero formula changes have been made to it. I hope it remains this way.