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The skin care products industry can be overwhelmingly hard to identify in today’s world of marketing wizardry.   There are certainly many excelling skin products out there, but it’s just too hard to tell which really ARE the best, and which are just marketing hype.

The skin care reviews on our website, which number in the thousands can be very helpful in weeding through all the hype, and finding the skin care product that’s right for you.

Since “Skin Care Products” is a very vague term, we have categorized the market, to help you get right to the area of our reviews that you need to be.

Please choose the category of Best Skin Care Products of your interest, to be taken directly to a comparison chart of our TOP 10, as well as a link to ALL the reviews of products in that category of skin care.

Simply choose the category (column) that fits the skin care product you’re looking for and then choose a sub-category link below.   From there, you’ll have access to the top 10 in a comparison chart, and the full reviews of 100’s of other brands of skin care products.


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Finding the right skin care products is often hard for people because they have several misconceptions.   They have certain ideas that they think the best ranked skin care products are going to have.  Here are several of these misconceptions about the best skin care products that need to be realized before you have a fair chance of finding them.

1.   The Right skin product is NOT necessarily the most famous or well-heard of.   Just because a name brand is a household name, with massive ads in Oprah magazine and on every TV channel doesn’t mean it’s the top product in it’s class.   All it means is that it has the RICHES to pay the crazy advertising costs of mainstream media advertising.   Perhaps, just perhaps if more money was spent on research and development, instead of advertising, they would have a better product.   Yes, they would have fewer customers… but the product might be better.   So, remember, just because it’s famous, doesn’t mean it is the best for your skin.

2.  The price of the skin cream does not always indicate that it’s the best or worst.   There are some $400 creams out there in department stores that make you think to yourself, “Whoa, if this cream costs $400 is MUST be fantastic”.   The truth is that all it REALLY means is that it costs more.   Don’t forget for a minute, either, that many clever marketers know just that… people will be duped into thinking a product is superior, just because it costs more.   This is not to say that a product that costs $19 can’t be good.   That isn’t true.   However, the middle of the road priced products are usually the best.   Look for creams in the $50 to $150 range, and usually their quality is every bit as good, if not better, to the $400 and up creams.

3.  You might have to look a little harder.   The internet is a great place to research, if you can avoid the ‘BS’ out there.    Mainly because most of the department store brands are overpriced, in order to give Nordstroms or Macy’s their cut, too.    Internet brands are JUST AS GOOD, and many times you will find better quality products for less money, if you’re willing to search.   Take your time, and certainly rely on reputable, large review sites like ours to help you in your hunt for the best skin care products.