Our 10 Favorite Flea and Tick Treatments

Trying to find the right Flea and Tick remedy for your furry friend? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Sentry Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

Sentry is a flea, tick and pest control company that offers many different forms of protection.  They have Sprays for Sentrythe home, Shampoos, Foggers and of course Squeeze on Topical Treatment.  While each product has its own purpose, we are choosing the Squeeze on Topical Treatment to review and report on here.

Sentry Reviews reveal that this manufacturer claims to kill fleas and eggs and repel ticks for up to 30 days.  They also claim to repel mosquitos which I guess is an added bonus, although most dogs and cats do not experience much trouble in that regard.

With so many different ways to protect your pet and your home, it makes you wonder a consumer would need one rather than the other, or do you actually need both?

Price and Buying

Sentry is another brand that hopes to capitalize on lower prices and similar claims to the major brands on the market.  There is nothing new or groundbreaking about the formula, but the price is lower.  Roughly $10 for 3 treatments make this product affordable and it can be purchased at a number of retailers.

Information Reported Online

There are so many products by Sentry that it makes it twice as hard to decipher the reviews and testimonials.  There are customers who claim that this product works and work well, and others that claim it is nothing more than a cheaply priced ripoff.

It becomes even more difficult because not all testimonials are specific about the product they are reviewing.  So you don’t know whether they are complaining about the shampoo or the house spray or the yard defense.  By the time you are done sifting through all the information, you are with very little information that is useful.

In a Nut Shell

We understand the concerns.  You need a product that will work.  You need a product that is Safe.  You want a product that will not break the bank.  The problem is, figuring out which product does each of those things the best.  Price winds up being a factor for most pet owners and their pets wind up paying the real price.

As much as we want the cheaper products to be of equal quality, typically they are not.  You run the risk of exposing your dog to toxins that may or may not be harmful to them with regular and consistent use.

In our recommendation, take some time to really research the products and check out our comparison charts to see which product performed the best.  Only once you are 100% sure, should you make a purchase.