Stubborn dark spots, bumps and holes from acne scars can be a memory with our favorite 10 Acne Scar Removal Treatments. Avoid the ripoffs and get straight to the ones we like best.

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Summary and Report on ScarFade Scar Gel

Although not specifically created for the treatment of acne scars, there are a fairly large number of consumers who purchase ordinary scar creams for their scarfade scar fading gel reviewstrouble with acne scars.  While this practice and can often times cause breakouts and other unexpected side effects, sometimes consumers find a solution to their problems that they were unable to find using normal acne scar treatments.

ScarFade Scar Fade Gel Reviews have shown us that this product works to coat the scarred tissue with a silicone and provide the damaged tissue an ideal environment in which to heal.  The ScarFade website reports that it is for use on all types of scars, meaning both raised bumpy scars as well as the depressed and ice pick looking scars that can be common with acne scars.  While every person tends to have a unique combination of skin type and scar type, by taking the time to read acne scar cream reviews, every consumer can find the solution that is right for their particular situation.


ScarFade claims to be a medical silicone that coats and treats the scarred tissue.  This process is supposed to control the collagen secretion and improves growth factors (TGF and FGF.)  What that means to users is that consumers can expect scars to flatten a bit, lose the rough or bumpy texture and overall reduce the intensity of scars.    There have been a number of studies on this, each of which raises as many questions as it answers.  Take some time, familiarize yourself with the content, so that you can make the best decision for your skin.

Price and Buying

ScarFade comes in a variety of sizes and our ScarFade Scar Fade Gel Reviews show that prices range from $29.99 to $84 depending on which size you choose. Typically the size of the scar dictates which size bottle is appropriate for you.

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You can purchase ScarFade in 15g, 30g and 60g supplies.

Information Reported Online

The bulk of the information that is posted on the internet has to do the treatment of surgical scars scars from burns or scrapes.  While the product seems to be of decent quality and effectiveness in those applications, the limited info about using ScarFade for acne scars has been a mixed bag.  Some users report having additional breakouts, while others have had good success at evening skin texture.  There was nothing definitive about the information out there, other than the fact that this particular scar treatment does not seem to have a high use as a acne scars remedy.

In a Nut Shell

In our experience, people who suffer from acne scars are looking for a fast acting result.  They have tried many products and their biggest mistake is jumping from one product to another too quickly without giving any one product a long enough time to be effective.  If you are running out of options to consider and are thinking that perhaps ScarFade is the solution for you, then you may wish to read the user testimonials online.  Many consumers have success, while others have had breakouts and side effects.  Make sure your skin will react well to this scar gel.

As far as the science that allows ScarFade to work, the evidence is pretty good that this will help aid in the healing of surgical scars, and scars from minor burns, etc.  It seems that the acne scars jury is still out, but theoretically, this gel could help with certain aspects of scar removal.