With so many thinning hair products on the market, Especially for Women, it can be very confusing as to which are really the ones to try. Cut to the chase! Find out our favorite 10 and discover which product can really help you with hair volume.

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Rogaine for Women Reviews and Product Report

Experiencing thinning hair problems? If so, then you’ve probably done your homework and searched for solutions to these very common hair issues. It is highly likely Rogaine for Women Reviewsthat one of the brands that you’ve seen being reviewed is Rogaine for Women. Since many of these Rogaine for Women reviews are positive, your interest may have already been piqued. Before investing money on it though, please read this unbiased review we’ve come up with first.

About Rogaine for Women

The Women’s Rogaine Topical Solution is a hair regrowth product containing Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the first ever ingredient to have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for regrowing hair. The formula incorporated into this Rogaine product penetrates the scalp to stimulate and reactivate the hair follicles that have diminished in size. This process then allows the hair to grow back over time. It contains 2 percent Minoxidil.

Components and Application

The 2 percent Minoxidil content of Rogaine for Women is the only active ingredient used in its formula. The other ingredients include 60 percent alcohol, 20 percent propylene glycol, and purified water.

As for more information on correct application, the hair thinning solution comes with a booklet that you should read prior to use. But basically, you just need to use one mL of the product twice a day. Apply it directly onto your scalp experiencing hair loss. In more serious cases, using the solution twice a day for a minimum of 4 months is recommended.

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Other Important Product Details

One thing you should know about other Rogaine for Women reviews is that many of them do not include the other important product details. Since we aim to assist you determine whether this hair thinning solution is right for you or not, we have compiled a list of these facts often missed. Here they are:

•        It is not recommended for women suffering from patchy hair loss

•        Increasing the amount or frequency of use will not boost results

•        It should not be applied on any other part of the body except the scalp

Pros and Cons of the Hair Thinning Solutions from Rogaine

After carefully checking out and reviewing the product, here are the good and the bad aspects we found it to have:


o        Very easy to use

o        Effective

o        Gentle, even on easily-irritated scalp

o        Great even on dry hair


o        The scent may be a little too strong for some users

o        Some people may also find the product a bit greasy

The Final Verdict

Many of the positive Rogaine for Women reviews that you will find via the World Wide Web are telling the truth – we have seen the same results that they claim they have experienced. While the hair thinning solution from Rogaine may be scented and a bit greasy, these potential drawbacks are easily outweighed by the fact that it has really worked wonders for many. As an added bonus, you do not have to worry about breaking the bank as the Women’s Rogaine Topical Solution is quite affordable.