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Revitol Scar Cream Report and Summary

Revitol Scar Cream Reviews date back years and years. This is no “new comer” to the scar cream industry, and the online reviews and testimonials are extensive.  As you
Revitol scar removal creamtake the time to read through them, you get the feeling of a product that impacts different people differently.  The company website claims that this scar cream is all natural, and it treats all type of scars, not just acne scars.  Revitol claims to treat acne scars, burn scars, scars from cuts, gashes and bruises and even surgical scars.

While the Revitol Scar Cream website offers consumers, plenty of images and testimonial blurbs, it does not do much explaining as to the ingredients and the “science” behind the product itself.  The offer media excerpts about scar creams other than Revitol, yet nothing pertaining to how the product will accomplish any of the claims the website makes. Whenever  a skin care company focuses on the “sizzle” aspect of marketing, it tends to throw up a red flag. Certainly, marketing approaches, by themselves, make no difference in the performance of the product, yet it always raises the question of why not allow the product to stand on its own merit?


As you may be aware, at BuyerReview, we put a lot of emphasis on the ingredient that a product contains.  It is the fastest and quickest indicator of how the product is going to perform.  Companies that use quality ingredients and are proud of their formula typically want consumers to know what is in the product and just how amazing their cream really is.  While choosing not to list ingredients on the company website does not mean the ingredients are inferior, yet it raises some questions for us.  In order to gather any information pertaining to the formula, we had to look to other, third party websites.

Hydroquinone – Caution, this is a high risk ingredient.  Hydroquinone works to eliminate the discoloration within the skin.  It is widely considered high risk and while still within regulations with the FDA, you absolutely want to read up on the side effects of this ingredient BEFORE you expose yourself or your loved ones to this ingredient unnecessarily.

Dimethylaminoethanol – This ingredient helps to prevent pigmentation in the skin.  So once you bleach away the discoloration, this will block the skin from growing back the damaged or discolored skin cells again.  It is commonly used in scar creams and is not particularly groundbreaking.

Copper Peptides – These ingredients are a bit more advanced, this will stimulate new skin cell regeneration, so it will help you grow new skin to replace the damaged tissue.  Typically this ingredient is more effective in treating wrinkles rather than scars, however with prolonged and continued use, this would aid in the healing of damaged, scarred tissue.

Retinol – This ingredient is also a bit on the harsh side.  Retinol can penetrate to lower layers of your skin and stimulate new skin cell growth to heal damaged tissue.  It has some sensitivity issues and some sun exposure concerns that you should be aware of before beginning any skin care product that contains Retinol.  This ingredient is not for everyone.

Compare Revitol Scar Cream with the Best Acne Scar Creams

Price and Buying

Revitol sponsors an affiliates program and drop ship programs, so you can come across a host of websites that offer this product for sale.  The price will vary from retailer to retailer and you should be aware that 99% of the websites out there offering reviews of this product, are being compensated for doing so.  Stay Smart, do your research and decide, FOR YOURSELF.  According to our Revitol Scar Cream Reviews 1 bottle costs $39.99.  2  bottles costs $79.99 and you can purchase 6 bottles too if you wish, however that seems excessive.


Each jar of Revitol contains 1 fl oz of cream.  Depending on the size of the affected area, this could be a 30 day supply or a 60 day supply.

Information Reported Online

As we stated earlier, there is an affiliate program for Revitol products.  What that means to you as a consumer, is that any website owner can post a review of Revitol and if the reader buys the product as a result of that review, the website owner is paid a commission or fee.  Therefore, if a consumer searches for a term such as “Revitol Reviews” they are flooded with hundreds of websites all offering “glowing” reviews.  As you are seldom going to generate any sales with bad reviews, this can mislead the public and consumers need to be aware of this practice and research accordingly.

That being said, when you sift through the nonsense it does seem as though Revitol has a loyal following who enjoy their products.  As always, there are some bad reviews as well, however when you are doing business for years that is to be expected to a certain extent.  All in all, I would say the reviews leaned slightly toward the positive side.Revitol scar removal cream reviews

In a Nut Shell

Revitol Scar Cream Reviews can be difficult because of the affiliate program and what years of offering it does to the search engine results.  It floods information to consumers finger tips and many consumers do not recognize it as an avenue of advertisement and confuse it with honest reviews.  While misleading in a sense, it has absolutely no bearing on whether or not this is a quality cream.

All things point to this being an moderately effective scar cream.  The people who have used it seemed to have decent results.  While most likely not the miracle many of the affiliate reviews would have you believe, overall this cream is quality.  The ingredients are a bit concerning as they can be harsh by themselves, combining them together as Revitol does, skin sensitivity is likely.  Take the time to search each of the ingredients this product contains, as listed above.  If you are still interested in proceeding after you understand them better, then proceed.  Revitol is a respected company that has been around for years.