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Replenix Power of Three Reviews are plentiful online.

One of the greatest concerns for healthy skin is the amount of moisture the skin receives and keeps. Moist skin means that all the oils and body fluids that help keep skin replenix power of three creamsupple and elastic are being preserved. If you strip away the moisture, then even these protective fluids and oils will tend to dry up, leaving you with skin that is vulnerable to lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

That’s why you need to have a moisturizing solution for your skin. It should also help in rejuvenating and adding to your skin’s ability to heal itself.

The Replenix Power of Three Cream

As with most anti-aging products, Replenix Power of Three Cream Review articles focus in the use of the three major ingredients as a base for a powerful moisturizing cream

 Caffeine – Aside from being the active ingredient in coffee, caffeine is also well known for having a high level of anti-oxidants, and that it has anti-inflammatory effects. Caffeine is also known for affecting blood flow to the skin. In many anti-wrinkle cream reviews, products that use caffeine are well-known for keeping the skin healthy.

 In all, caffeine is a powerful skincare ingredient, as it can remove free radicals from the skin that has been exposed to UV light or sunlight. By using it as part of a moisturizing solution, its effects won’t be diluted by digestion and the circulatory system delivering it all across the body.

 Green tea extracts – Like caffeine, green tea extracts also removes free radicals from the skin, aside from having anti-inflammatory effects. Some extract ingredients, such as polyphenone, are also known to help in other skin conditions, such as rosacea.

Green tea extracts are also known for improving the elastic qualities of skin. This leads many researchers to suspect that it either helps in collagen production, or it creates an positive environmental effect where collagen production improves, making the skin more firm and supple.

See How Replenix Compares with the Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams

 Finally, green tea is also known to be a possible anti-cancer agent, in that it can also clean up the skin by identifying and weakening pre-cancerous cells that may be developing in the skin itself.

Resveratrol – Resveratrol is the third and final component of the Replenix Power of Three Cream. This wine derived anti-oxidant has its origins in the actual skins of the grapes used to make wine. Its strength as an anti-oxidant is such that it is universally recognized to be one of the most powerful skincare ingredients when it comes to protection against damage from ultraviolet light or sunlight.

Resveratrol is also a known anti-cancer agent, though the mechanics involved seem to go beyond anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant processes. Aside from its anti-cancer effects, resveratrol is also known as an anti-acne ingredient, if you read anti-wrinkle cream reviews concerning other positive effects of its use.

Resveratrol is also known to have a positive effect on collagen production, basically because it works similarly to estrogen, which affects collagen, too.
Skin types and users

Replenix Power of Three Cream reviews mostly touch on the effects, but it’s also important to know which users Replenix can work best for.

Some Replenix Power of Three users are those who use anti-aging products, or read up on anti-wrinkle cream reviews to find out what they can use to slow down, minimize or even prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing and multiplying. This is particularly true if they are also concerned about damage from UV light.

 Other users take advantage of the Replenix’s ability to soothe the skin, to minimize or make rosacea disappear. This is market usually has sensitive skin, too.

 Another user segment for Replenix is those who have just come back from a skin care procedure, such as laser, microdermabrasion, skin peels, and the like. In this case, they are using Replenix to hasten the healing within the skin after the procedures.

 Acne patients are a significant market for Replenix, as the combination of green tea extracts, caffeine, and resveratrol can minimize of keep acne at bay.

Other ways to improve how you use Replenix Power of Three Cream

You should also consider using Replenix Eye Repair Cream in tandem with the Power of Three cream. As Replenix eye repair cream reviews state, it is one of the best retinol cream products in the market.


Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that helps erase fine lines and wrinkles from around your eyes to help you look more refreshed, with a revitalized look. Do remember, though, that retinol can cause some irritation. You should build up to the suggested application dosage, rather than immediately applying it as normal.

Aside from being a retinol cream, Replenix eye cream also has Arnica, which helps in minimizing bruising and discoloration. This way, it can make the dark circles round your eyes even less – or it can make them totally disappear. The formulation also has some peptides in it, which help increase the skins firmness around the eye area.

Skin care guidelines

To maximize your skin care regimen with Replenix Power of Three Cream and Replenix Eye Repair Cream, you should apply them at night before you have to sleep. Make sure that you have cleaned your face and neck area, so that you won’t mix ingredients with other skin care products that you use during the day. After that, you should apply the Power of Three Cream, except for the area around the eyes. That area should have the Eye Repair Cream on it. It may be a good idea to use the Eye Repair Cream every other night at first, until your body becomes accustomed to the Retinol. When you aren’t using the eye cream, then you should use the Power of Three cream for your whole face.

 Don’t forget to wash your face thoroughly in the morning, and to use a proper sunscreen (starting at SPF 15), so your skin won’t receive as much damage, be it from a day walking outside, or having sunlight reflected into your house, with your skin receiving much or the reflected light.