With so many Omega Supplements on the market, it can confusing to choose the right one. Don't overpay for hyped up TV brands without finding out which ones we like more.

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Puritans Pride Omega 3 Reviews and Product Report

You may or may not be aware of the Puritans Pride product line.  They have been in business for quite some time and puritans pride Omega 3 reviewshave a solid reputation overall for making quality products.  While there are always some negative reviews on the market, the truth is that products purchased from this company are well balanced, safe and effective.

That does not mean that they are the best or of the highest quality, but they are of good solid quality.  Remember, finding the right product means looking past the brand name and finding the smaller print.  When we uncovered the facts, the truth is that we considered this one of the products to consider as the right choice for you.

Puritans Pride Omega 3 Reviews

When you are selecting an Omega 3 supplement, you must start by examining the concentration of the active ingredient.  In this instance, we found that Puritans Pride contains 1000 mg of Omega 3 Fish oil, 300mg of total omega 3 fatty acids.  There is no breakdown of the EPA or the DHA content, which is a detail we prefer not be overlooked.

We find that the way they present the supplement facts is somewhat confusing or misleading.  The breakdown of EPA and DHA should be a part of your decision making process.  Unfortunately, Puritans Pride has stripped us the ability to do that.   It makes you wonder why!?

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Each bottle contains 100 Soft Gels and the recommended dosage is to take 1 Soft Gel, 3 times daily.  That is a total of 3 Soft Gels per day, taken with meals.

Each bottle will last you roughly 30 days.  So keep that in mind when figuring out whether or not this product will fit in your budget.

Overall Impression

Overall, we like the Puritans Pride brand and we like the concentration of the product they have here.  We do NOT like how they play around with the label to make it seemingly harder for consumers to understand.  It leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth, but otherwise the product looks good.

While we caution anyone from choosing a product without full disclosure of ingredients, this product seems to be one exception to that rule.  While there are other products with similar concentrations to choose from, this product is safe and helpful.  Overall, keep looking, but you are getting warmer with this one.