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Summary and Findings of Reishi Immune Supplement

Our immune systems are one of the most parts of human biology. After all, while we don’t really think about it, in truth our bodies are perpetually being bombarded by Premier Research Labs Reishi Immune Supplement  Reviewsdangerous biological agents that can render us sick, be it a simple wound that can become slightly infected, to a serious sickness due to a viral or bacterial infection that can be life-threatening in scope.

Thankfully, our immune systems usually can handle this. However, it’s no surprise if seasonal sicknesses can come in and make us sick, regardless of how good our immune systems are.

Seasonal Sicknesses

Seasonal bugs like the cold or flu seem to have no trouble attacking our bodies. However, it should be noted that these viral attacks usually mean that the basic virus has mutated again, and so our immune system has no defense against it. \


The problem starts with the fact that immune systems can only work well against a biological agent once the body has created tagging cells for them. In this case, these biological tags will direct T-cells, the real intruder killers of the human body, to kill anything that has the cellular tag. If he virus, however, has mutated enough, then the immune system has to “learn” how to tag the new virus. And all the while, you will become sick.

Under the weather

Seasonal sicknesses are also a problem because the changes in weather can also precipitate unstable immune system levels. For example, if the weather is moving towards colder temperatures, then the body has to adapt. While the body is adapting, the immune system will not be as alert as it usually is. This is the reason why many people become sick during the changes in seasons.

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Changes in season can also be mentally stressful, particularly if the season will show extremes, like a very dry summer, or a winter full of blizzards. These situations will create stress for the person. Stress, in turn, can lower a person’s resistance, primarily through a lowered level of response from the immune system.

All these things happening at the same time makes anyone vulnerable to seasonal sicknesses. It can get even worse if you’re hit with a multiple whammy, where two distinct cold or flu strains will hit you, one after the other. Such a situation makes the second infection practically a shoe-in, as your immune system will likely still be exhausted.

This is the reason why it’s a good idea to have immune system booster supplements ready in your medicine cabinet. If you can’t avoid getting sick, you can at least minimize the time that you are down and out.

Reishi Benefits

Reishi is a type of mushroom that has gained popularity in many eastern cultures as a miracle drug. Historically, reishi is supposedly able to confer upon older men the agility and strength of the young. It is also supposedly able to help its users live a long, optimal lifespan. In fact, the reishi mushroom itself has become a symbol of longevity.

Reishi (also known by its scientific name, Ganoderma) is known to help in healing the body of sicknesses and ailments such as liver disease, hepatitis, allergies, depression, and even some forms of cancer. However, for Premier Research Labs Reishi Immune supplement, it is its power as an autoimmune booster that is important.

Scientists have ascertained that the different polysaccharide and triterpene molecules in reishi mushrooms are the key to its miraculous properties.

Reishi as an immune booster

When used as an immune supplement (do read the Premier Research Labs Reishi Immune Supplement reviews), reishi mushrooms have a dual approach. On one end, it regulates the actions of the immune system, thus attenuating extreme immune system reactions such as allergies. On the other hand, some of the reishi mushroom’s polysaccharides also increase the RNA and DNA in bone marrow, thus promoting the growth of both T-cells and B-cells, which are both needed for the cellular-level defenses of the human immune system.

Aside from reishi mushroom, Premier Research Labs Reishi Immune supplements also have various other ingredients that help the body’s immune system, including turmeric, hyssop, blue-green algae, and other extract ingredients. The total immune booster package from Premier Research Labs maximizes the Reishi benefits of its immune booster product.

How do I use Premier Research Labs Reishi Immune supplements?

For adults, you should take three capsules, taking them individually across different times of the day. This is particularly important if you feel that you may already have caught the seasonal bug, but that your body is still fighting it. If you can catch it early enough, then you should have no problem, with the bug possibly being stopped in its tracks, or weakened such that you will only be down for a very short time compared to how others have become sick.

If children or pregnant women will take it, it is best to check with a healthcare professional with experience in prescribing these kinds of supplements.

Other guidelines for keeping a healthy immune system

1) Keep a well-balanced diet. You should make sure that your diet has a sizable amount of vegetables and fruits in it, combined with small portions of high-protein meats. A properly-balanced diet can make sure that your body will have all the right nutrients it needs to produce the proper amounts of the immune system components.

2) Manage your stress levels. Even if it’s not about seasonal changes, rising levels of stress can lower your immune system’s strength and reaction time, and at the same time, it can suppress the production of proper immune system components.

3) If you can, exercise as much as your lifestyle allows. There is nothing wrong with having a low-impact exercise regimen, if that is all that you can do given your time constraints. What is important is that your body gets at least some form of exercise, so you won’t totally fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle.