Probiotics supplements are sweeping the market. Every doctor agrees that they are a MUST for a healthy body. But which one to add to your regimen? Cut to our 10 Favorite probiotics on the market with our report.

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Phillips Colon Health Probiotic Report and Findings

Have you finally realized the importance of taking the best probiotic supplements for your health? If such is the case, then you my probably be looking for Phillips Colon Health Probiotic ReviewsPhillips Colon Health Probiotic reviews, after having read or heard about it being one of the most effective probiotic supplements available nowadays. You should know that this is a wise decision, as reading reviews of probiotic products is extremely important, what with all the products out there having been reported to bring nothing but bad side effects to those who have taken them.

So with this being said, since you do not want to suffer the same things that these consumers did, we highly advise you to read this unbiased Phillips Colon Health Probiotic review from start to finish. We guarantee you that everything written in this entry is factual and honest. Taking the time to read this post will help you determine whether or not the Philips Colon Health Probiotic is indeed investment-worthy or not.

About Bayer – The Manufacturing Company behind this Probiotic Supplement

Bayer is the company that has developed the Phillips product line, products that are all designed to provide support for healthy digestive system and functions. Probiotics, fiber supplements, laxatives, and stool softening products are what comprise this product line. If you know Bayer but you do not have any idea as to what it is involved in, you should know that this company is actually the pharmaceuticals operation of the Bayer HealthCare LLC, one of the divisions of the Bayer AG Corporation.

Bayer HealthCare products, including the Phillips line, are known for being some of the leading and most innovative medical and healthcare products around the globe. The main reason for this is because of the manufacturer’s commitment to bringing only the highest quality products in diabetes care, consumer care, and pharmaceutical divisions.

The Claims Made by the Manufacturer Regarding this Product

Now that you know a little more about the manufacturing company that has developed the Philips Colon Health Probiotic, let us now explore the things that it claims this particular brand of probiotic supplements can do. According to Bayer, this is one of the best probiotic supplements today because of the following attributes and features:

1.        Contains three different types of probiotics that have been found to replenish the healthy and beneficial bacteria present in the colon

2.        These probiotic strains support overall immune health

3.        Regular use of the product will promote enhanced regularity, thus; improving the functions and the health of both the immune and the digestive system

4.        With 1.5 billion cells of the proprietary blend of probiotics, consumers can rest assure that they are getting extremely high number of good bacteria into their body

Aside from these claims, Bayer also advises consumers out there to use their probiotic supplements in conjunction with their other digestive health products, including the Phillips Fiber Supplements, the Phillips Laxatives, and the Phillips Stool Softeners. According to the manufacturing company, incorporating these products will definitely bring greater results.

Compare Phillips Colon Health Probiotic with the Leading Probiotic Supplements

The Nutritional Profile of this Philips Probiotics Offering

Whenever you are out in the market shopping for health related products, you should always check out and compare their nutritional profile. This will aid you in becoming more knowledgeable as to which products fare better and have much more beneficial nutritional profiles. And since we here want to make shopping for the most effective probiotic supplements easier for consumers, we have included a brief overview on the product’ nutritional profile in this untwisted Philips Colon Health Probiotic review.

As indicated on the label of the Phillips Colon Health, the following strains of good bacteria are what compose the product’s proprietary blend featuring 1.5 billion active cells:

1.        Lactobacillus Gasseri KS-13

2.        Bifidobacterium Bifidum G9-1

3.        Bifidobacterium Longum MM-2

The other ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of these colon health dietary supplements include potato starch, silicon dioxide, and gelatin.

Other Pertinent Details about the Product

It is possible that after reading all those raving Phillips Colon Health reviews, you are now very excited to purchase a bottle of your own. Before you do this though, here are several other very crucial facts that you should know about this product:

Safety – While it true that you will not find any reports from consumers saying that they have suffered severe negative side effects after taking this probiotic supplement, you should still now that there are some people who should not just take them right away. These include pregnant as well as breast-feeding women. If you are a soon-to-be mother or if you are currently breastfeeding your child, make certain that you consult with your primary health care giver first prior to taking these colon health supplements.

Directions of Use – For adults, one capsule a day is enough, preferable after a meal. Children can also be given with these supplements, but only to those who are aged 3 or older. In the event that you are considering giving your child who is below 3 years old this supplement, consult your paediatrician first.

Reviews – You should also understand that not all reviews of the Phillips Colon Health provide reliable and factual information. Some of them have just been created in the hopes of either branding the product bad, or as a way to sell it off. So before you trust these reviews, have the source checked out first for honesty and reliability.


To be completely honest, most of the other Phillips Colon Health Probiotic reviews we have found online are truthful and give readers with straight up facts. Most of those that we have encountered also have the same conclusion and take on this product: it definitely is one of the probiotic supplements to consider currently circulating the market. So after much research, we can say that if you really want to find a quality treatment, this product from Bayer is worth giving a try.