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Pet Naturals Calming Dog Chews Reviews and Product Highlights

In this Pet Naturals Calming Dog Chews review, you will learn what this product is all about, how effective it is in helping calm puppies and older Pet Naturals Calming Dog Chews Reviewsdogs, its good and bad aspects, and if it is worth your money. Make sure that you read this entire review to find out whether you should go for it or if it is a much wiser decision to choose another brand.

Pet Naturals Calming Dog Chews Reviews

There are some times wherein dogs, both very young and adult, have a hard time being able to adapt to stress. When this happens, it can result in numerous health conditions and behavioral problems, such as anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, shivering, and excessive barking. You may also notice abnormal urine marking, aggressive behavior, destructive behavior, or trembling in your canine pal.
This is where the Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews come into play.

About the Product

This Pet Naturals product is being marketed as a high potency formula that contains all-natural ingredients. As what the manufacturer claims, it provides owners with a natural method to help maintain mellowness in their pets. For dogs who are displaying the symptoms mentioned above, especially if they have been caused by separation anxiety, traveling, or simply nervousness, this can be a delicious treat.
The Pet Naturals Calming treats are soft, sugar-free chews that come in a chicken liver flavor.

Directions for Use

The number of chews you should give your beloved dog should depend on the size and weight of your dog.
• For dogs that are within the 26 to 50 pound weight bracket, give one chew on a daily basis.
• For dogs that are within the 51 to 100 pound weight bracket, give two chews on a daily basis.
• For dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds, give three chews daily.

In the event that your hound is going through lot of stress, you can give him/her twice or thrice as much as the recommended number of chews mentioned above.


In every Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chew, the following active ingredients are contained:
• Thiamine, in the form of Vitamin B1 (62.5 mg)
• L-Theanine, in the form of the Suntheanine® brand (21.12 mg)
• Colostrum Calming Complex (10.56 mg)

As for the chews’ inactive ingredients, they include the following:

• Brewers Yeast
• Calcium Sulfate
• Canola Oil
• Chicken Liver Flavor
• Citric Acid
• Glycerin
• Maltodextrin
• Mixed Tocopherols
• Propionic Acid
• Rosemary Extract
• Silicon Dioxide
• Sodium Alginate
• Soy Lecithin
• Vegetable Oil


If your pup or older pet has been displaying the above-mentioned symptoms, this medicine/treat is being touted to be one of your best options. In many cases, users who have given their own Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews review has stated that their overly/constantly barking, licking, and pacing pets have benefitted from its use. These Pet Naturals Dog Chews are said to have the right calming and relaxing ingredients that can help keep puppies and adult dogs mellow.

Here’s a rundown of the product’s uses and purposes:
• To promote reduction of stress in dogs
• To help calm dogs
• Ideal for dogs experiencing separation anxiety, stress-related travels, nervousness, and pacing
• A natural method to mellow out hounds


The Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews makes use of an advanced formula specifically designed for calming down and relieving stress in both puppies and adult dogs. It contains a blend of ingredients unique to it, including L-Theanine (in the form of the Suntheanine® brand) and Thiamine (in the form of Vitamin B1). These two, together with the rest of the other ingredients, help promote a more balanced level of neurotransmitters, resulting in much calmer, relaxed hounds.

The L-Theanine component of the pet chews has been shown to have GABA balance- and dopamine-supporting properties. Thiamine, on the other hand, promotes normal disposition and also helps build a healthier appetite. This Pet Naturals’ offering also makes use of Colostrum Calming Complex, which enhances the effects of the active ingredients.


Next, let us discuss the good aspects of the product in this Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews review. Here are some of the benefits that you and your dog may experience when you choose this particular dog calming product.
• Most dogs who are given sufficient amounts of these relaxing treats respond well to the product.

• It is also a plus that the ingredients used are all natural.

• Compared to most calming medications, this Pet Naturals product offers a more natural way to calm down hyperactive and distressed dogs.

• A lot of the calming medications-treats available in the market do little to no help, but many users claim that the Pet Naturals chews are not one of them. They can really help stressed out dogs sleep better.

• Last, but not the least, is that these pet chews work without putting dogs at the risk of developing a ‘drugged’ behavior.

The Drawbacks

Of course, there are some potential pitfalls of using the Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews, just like with any other medicinal chews. These include the following:
• May not work for all dogs.

• May require twice, or even thrice the suggested amount of chews before the product takes effect.

• May take a bit longer for the effects to become noticeable in some dogs.

The Price

The Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews, fortunately, are not that expensive. In fact, it is on the affordable side, being offered for as low as $6.50 online. Some websites sell the product for a higher price though, with some charging twice as much, at nearly $16. So before you make a payment, in the event that you decide to give this product a try, make sure that you take the time to compare prices first. Doing so can help you save a lot of money.


To conclude this Pet Naturals Calming Soft Chews review, we would have to say that it is quite recommendable, especially with the long list of benefits and advantages it has over many of the other medicinal chews today. If you are looking for an affordable calming and stress-relieving chew that your dog is not going to have a hard time downing, this Pet Naturals offering is worth a try.