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Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Bee pollen, according to scientific studies, is made up of approximately 40 percent protein, which is why it is perceived to be one of the most nourishing, natural foods. It also contains Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid Reviewsalmost all of the different nutrients that people need in order to stay healthy. Around 20 percent of its protein composition is made of amino acids, compounds that are easily absorbed by the blood stream. These, plus many other benefits, are promised to be delivered by the Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid dietary supplement.

Before you get excited and begin your search for this particular health supplement, it is important for you to read as many Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid reviews as you can first. This is crucial as you do not want to end up being disappointed in the event that you do not experience the benefits that the product is said to have the power to deliver. So to assist you in making the right decision, we have come up with this comprehensive and unbiased product review.


As mentioned above, the composition of bee pollen is mostly made of the essential components for good health. The rejuvenating elements that this type of food contains are in greater portions compared to wheat germ and brewer’s yeast. It has the ability to correct the deficiency in nutrition that is very common in people nowadays. In many cultures and traditions, such as those of the Chinese people, it is regarded as a nutritive and energy tonic. Many others use it widely for the following applications:

  • To improve vitality and endurance
  • To extend longevity
  • To aid in the recovery from various chronic illnesses
  • To add weight in times of convalescence
  • To reduce hunger, cravings, and addictions
  • To regulate the intestinal system
  • To manufacture new blood
  • To prevent different types of infectious diseases

With so many touted benefits, there is no longer a need to wonder why the number of consumers looking for bee pollen products, such as the Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid, is on the rise. Let’s take a closer look at the product by starting with the company responsible for its development.

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About the Manufacturer

Professional Complementary Health Formulas, also known simply as Professional Formulas, is the brand behind this bee pollen nutritional supplement. According to the company, all of its products have been designed to given under recommendations and supervision of a medical professional. The team of nutritionists that it has in employ are said to have the experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills to assist consumers with their nutrition and health needs.

Professional Formulas has a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility wherein all of its products are developed and manufactured. As the company claims, all of the ingredients that it makes use of are raw and are from natural sources. There are more than 600 health products that the company has to offer. These are available in many different forms, including capsules, powders, and, liquids.

About the Product

Now that you know more about Professional Formulas, let us proceed to discussing the Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid health supplement. According to the brand, this product has been designed and developed to act as a natural oxygenator. It is also said to act as an energizing aid. With constant and proper use, this bee pollen liquescence supplement is claimed to deliver the numerous benefits of pollen to its users.


Bee pollen has been found to have plenty of different health benefits, many of which can be delivered by top quality pollen-based nutritional supplements. The Oxy Bee Pollen Liquescence, according to Professional Formulas, has been designed to perform the following purposes aside from those that pollen is already well-known for.

  1. Designed to be a Natural Oxygenator

While the term “oxygenator” actually refers to the medical device used to oxygenate the body during surgical operations, there are actually foods that naturally perform this task. The bee pollen is one of these. The oxygenating properties of pollen benefits the health of consumers greatly, as it helps ensure that the body gets the right amount of oxygen. When a person does not get enough oxygen, he/she is at higher risk of developing various health problems, both physical and emotional.

  1. Serves as an Energizing Aid

One of the main effects of taking the Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid supplement properly and on a daily basis is improved levels of energy. Your strength as well as your stamina can increase significantly, which is perfect if you are always tired or fatigued. Bee pollen has regenerative power, and this Professional Formulas offering is being touted to possess it, which makes it a great energizing aid.


As for the main feature of the dietary supplement, it is the set of ingredients used itself. The following are the key components of the product:

  • Bee Pollen 2X
  • Flower Pollen 2X
  • RNA-DNA (Yeast) 2X
  • Royal Jelly 3X
  • Amygdala Amara 3X
  • Fucus Vesiculosus 3X
  • Laminaria Thallus 3X
  • Medicago Sativa 3X
  • Symphytum Officinale 3X
  • Vitamins B12-B18 4X, 6X
  • Zincum Metallicum 4X, 6X
  • Purified Water
  • 20% USP alcohol. (4 oz.)


Here are some of the good aspects we found this Professional Formulas bee pollen-based nutritional supplement:

  • Based on bee pollen, a food that is widely known for many nutritional and health properties
  • Affordable price


As for the potential pitfalls of the product, the following are what we have found it to have:

  • When taking Oxy Bee Pollen Liquescence, several foods should be avoided, such as mint, camphor, tea, or coffee
  • Lack of consumer reviews both online and offline


The price of the product varies, as there are some retailers who offer it for lower rates. All in all, the price ranges from $12.00 to $17.00 or higher.


There are plenty of bee pollen dietary supplements in the market, which only makes sense seeing that it is definitely one of the most natural “superfoods” we have today. Some of them are effective, based on consumer and expert reviews, but has the tendency to be quite on the expensive side. The lack of reviews for the Oxy Bee Pollen Liquid supplement makes this product a little less than stellar though, but since it is affordably priced, you may still want to give it a try.