The Best Eye Cream Brands

The best eye creams are hard to figure out, at first glance. Don't get caught up in the hype. Go straight to the very best eye cream brands that we could find based on ingredients, value, and customer feedback and results.

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Obagi Elastiderm Proves Incomplete, yet Popular

Anti-aging skin tips from experts should always be observed to maintain a youthful, clear and clean complexion. With all the technological innovations made available in obagi elastiderm eye creamrecent years, it’s hard to blame bad skin to genetics, pollution, and stress. It is then a must for everybody to be aware of products that guarantee younger-looking and wrinkle-free skin and thus, our Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream Reviews.

We tend to initially judge people based on their looks. We can deny that we don’t do this, but the sad truth is, we do it most of the time. Attaining flawless and smooth skin isn’t impossible nowadays. The beauty industry is continuously developing skin care products which cater to different skin types. Regardless of skin color, texture, and overall condition, you can solve your skin aging woes simply by using an anti-aging product developed by one of the most renowned skin care names worldwide.

Women most of the time experience an obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to skin care. Some tend to wash their faces more than three times a day. They take their OCD behavior to the next level by scrubbing astringent on their faces until the cotton balls show no visible signs of dust and dirt. This is actually amusing to some extent, but is at the same time destroying the skin’s integrity as well.

The skin has its own natural bacterial flora that should not be disturbed. These microorganisms directly affect the primary functions of the skin in homeostasis, excretion, absorption, and heat regulation. Overdoing your skin care regimen will strip the skin of these bacteria making it more impossible for you to sport a healthy looking skin.

Compare Obagi Elastiderm with Top Rated Eye Creams

Healthy skin tips from dermatologists and beauty experts recommend the use of a tried and tested Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream to correct imperfections brought about by skin aging. It promises complete eye area solution to give you a beautiful ageless look. It is rather to hide your age if your eye area is filled with unsightly wrinkles and crow’s feet. Those skin imperfections easily give away your age. Unless you start using a potent anti-aging eye cream to prevent further formation of wrinkles and age lines, you will eventually look and feel your age. Lucky for us, Obagi came out with a revolutionary eye cream that works in rebuilding the appearance of a youthful and glowing eyes. This one-of-a-kind eye cream is part of Obagi’s Elastiderm eye collection that guarantees to revitalize the skin around your eyes so you appear up to 10 years younger than your actual age.

The Elastiderm Eye Collection is made up of the following componenents:

–          Eye cream

–          Eye gel

–          Complete complex serum

Should you be using the Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream?

The use of an eye cream as an anti-aging skin care product has only gained recognition in the past few years. Until today, there are those who point out that eye creams are insignificant as an overall face cream can be used in the eye area as well. Those who advocate the use of eye cream raise the following points about its significance as a skin care product:

–          The skin in the eye area, especially the under eye region is thinner than the rest of our face. This means that it is more sensitive to the external environment as well as skin care products.  Although regular day and night creams may be used in the eye area, such an activity causes irritation and redness. This is due to the fact that face creams contain ingredients that are far too strong for the eye area to take.

–          Eye creams are made from the same ingredients as those which are found in typical moisturizers. The only difference lies in the fact that eye creams contain lower concentrations which are perfect for sensitive skin regions.

–          An eye cream is free of oils and fragrances. Since these products are to be applied near the eyes, it needs to be mild in that your vision will not be negatively affected every time you perform eye cream application.

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream Overview

According to Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream review from experts, the product’s formula is mainly composed of Penetrating Therapeutics, which facilitates efficient and fast penetration of nutrients in the eye area. Fast absorption means speedy delivery of results which come in the form of increased elasticity and firmness.

This Obagi eye cream contains a novel, bi-mineral complex that primarily functions in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. By increasing the production of these compounds, the skin’s suppleness, firmness, elasticity, and textures are enhanced as well.

Lastly, the Obagi eye cream is enriched with blueberries, a powerful and natural anti-oxidant which helps in getting rid of toxins that plague the skin as we age.


With regular use, the Obagi Elastiderm eye treatment promises the following skin anti-aging results in the eye region:

–  up to 50% increase in skin elasticity in 9 weeks

–  significant reduction of wrinkles in 9 weeks

–  consistent improvement in terms of skin elasticity in just 2 weeks

When compared alongside other eye cream products from competing brands, the outcomes guaranteed by Obagi eye cream are more realistic and attainable given the time period. When paired with the two other eye cream products under the Elastiderm line, users will notice significant smoothness as evidenced by decreased periorbital lines, dark circles, and crow’s feet to name a few.


Based on eye cream reviews from both experts and consumers, the only undesirable quality of the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream is that of its price. Unlike other well-known brands that offer eye creams for cheaps, Obagi offers the Elastiderm eye cream collection for hundreds of dollars. The eye cream alone costs $91.00 if you buy it online. Although the results are truly amazing, those with no budget for such an expensive skin care product may not have the ability to buy it altogether. However it is but encouraged by skin experts to invest on quality and superior skin care products. In the case of Obagi Elastiderm eye cream, the age-defying results that it is known to deliver is absolutely well worth every penny.