Our 10 Favorite Skin and Coat Soft Chews

Trying to find the right Multi Vitamin Soft Chew? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Nutri Vet Multi Vite Dog Chew Reviews and Product Breakdown

Keep your dog healthy with Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite dog chews. These chews provide an A to Z spectrum of vitamin and minerals essential to keep your Nutri Vet Multi Vite Dog Chew Reviewspet healthy and happy. This is crucial as each part of the body affects another part, and whole system maintenance is required to keep each part running like a well-oiled machine. Nutri-Vet multivitamin adds minerals that will keep heart, coat, immune systems and digestive tract in working order. Vitamins like B-12 will also keep your dog active and happy, combating lethargy.

Nutri Vet has created vet-formulated supplements and topicals that are great for both cats and dogs! Purchased to work in conjunction with Beefeaters, an all natural dog food company, Nutri Vet works to bring to light novel and well researched treats.

Nutri Vet Multi Vite Dog Chew Reviews

Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite dog chew is a supplement that provides dogs with multiple vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidant properties. Vitamins and minerals tag team with those obtained from food, building steady and healthy levels in the body. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals, which can degrade organs and tissue and lead to diseases.

Specific key benefits include:
1. Providing optimal skin and mucous membranes.
2. Fighting off infection.
3. Increasing absorption of calcium and posphorus, through additional vitamins.
4. Support cognitive, joint, immune, cardiovascular, and visual health.
5. Helping to release energy molecules from food, specifically fats, protein, and carbs.
6. Supporting protein functions in the body

Additional reasons to buy Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite?
1. 100% money back guarantee from products purchased online.
2. Natural and holistic ingredients
3. Low and competitive prices
4. Novel, research breaking additions
5. Veterinarian created
6. Maintained quality control of products
7. Educated and science-based support of sales
8. Palatability

What are the main ingredients in Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Dog Chews?

It would be too confusing to list all of the ingredients in these vitamins, therefore we will primarily cover the main active “body builders”.

1. Liver meal, a product manufactured from multiple liver meat.
2. Sugar
3. Vitamin C
4. Stearic Acid
5. Cellulose
6. Safflower oil
7. Magnesium sourse
8. Potassium source
9. Vitamin D supplement
10. Vitamin B12 supplement

Liver meal: A protein source that is flavorful as it is healthy. It is also a source of fat and multiple vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin C: Studies show that dogs can actually produce vitamin C in their bodies, however stress may lead to rapid depletion. This includes physical stress. Addition of Vitamin C helps aid immune system health while also relieving pain, repairing tissue, and acting as an anti-oxidant, combating free radicals.

Cellulose: The cell walls of plants are rich in cellulose. In the body this can help break down plant-based fibers, regulate sugar levels, and fight off high cholesterol. It is also a good way to maintain the digestive tract.

Manganese: A mineral that is also an important nutrient for healthy bones and connective tissue, as well as aiding in blood clotting and absorbing calcium.

Vitamin B12: This essential vitamin helps fight off anemia and gastro-intestinal problems, while also supporting health of the nervous system. Dogs deficient in vitamin B12 will show lethargic tendencies, therefore supplements will help energy levels.

Recommended Dosage and Storage

Dosage is recommended per 20lbs of body weight. In the case of Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Dog Chews, pets should be given 1 tablet for every 20lbs. Chews can be crushed and added to food, or split in half so each half is delivered twice a day

Keep these vitamins in a cool and dry location.

Customer Reviews

A great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins that promotes over-all optimal health, Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Dog Chews is a choice worth looking into! Most pet owners who posted reviews found that dogs loved these chews and swore by them. Keywords include “investment, “great vitamins” and “dogs enjoy the flavor.” Pet owners noticed marked improvement in their dogs mobility and energy levels. Amazon ranked these vitamins 4.2 out of 5 stars. The majority of negative comments came from lack of attraction from some pets as well as an awkward scent.


Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Dog Chews are a great option for dogs of all sizes. These supplements work alongside the animals diet to maintain healthy levels of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Benefits include head, heart, skin, coat, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Pets should be started on vitamins as early as a year old and maintained throughout their lifetime. An additional nice part about Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite is the easy dosage delivery. Dosage per body weight is an simple way to maintain the healthy concentrations in the body.

Try Nutri-Vet today! The combination of natural and holistic ingredients are a trendy concept that may catch your attention. If you’re not satisfied don’t worry, their website provides a 100% money back guarantee. This may of course only exist for those items purchased directly from the website.

Too much of anything is never a good things so delivering the correct amount is important in all supplements. While this medicine worked in many cases, it is important to remember that they are not a 100% fail proof solution for these diseases. Some dogs will need to pair the effects of these treats with exercise and weight management dieting. In a few cases surgical procedures may be required to treat bone and joint diseases. As always, consult a professional for the best methods to keep your dog healthy and happy.