Our 10 Favorite Skin and Coat Soft Chews

Trying to find the right Multi Vitamin Soft Chew? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Nupro Dog Daily Supplement Reviews and Product Report

Keeping the body healthy should be a whole system approach. Rather than targeting specific areas, it is necessary to remember that each part of the Nupro Dog Daily Supplement Reviewsbody is connected to each other and we should maintain health of all parts. Like a well-oiled machine, when one area gets sick it will have a negative impact on the other areas. Working hard since 1989, Nupro has been doing just this – focusing on your pets entire system. Their unique approach in keeping ingredients fresh and raw sets them apart from many competitors. Interestingly, the Nupro company is one of the founders of the National Animal Supplement Council, a non-profit association dedicated to maintaining the health of various companion animals (dogs, cats and horses to name just a few).

Nupro Dog Daily Supplement contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and fatty acids to compliments our pets’ diets. Unfortunately, not every mineral and vitamin essential for optimal health is obtained from the food they eat, therefore additional vitamins can be a great option. Nupro Dog Daily Supplement is a product geared towards maintaining optimal health for all dogs of any age. In addition to maintaining healthy teeth, coat, immune system and digestion is also supports allergy protection!

A downside to this product is price – ranging on a higher end. Containers rage from 30, 80, and 320 scoops and range from $13, $29, and $110 respectively.

Nupro Dog Daily Supplement Reviews

Nupro Daily Supplement is a powder that provides dogs with multiple vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant properties. Supplemental vitamins and minerals tag team with those obtained from food, building steady and healthy concentrations in the body. Anti-oxidants are necessary because they fight free radicals, which can degrade organs and tissue and lead to diseases.

Manufacture specified key benefits include:

  1. A wheat, corn, filler, preservative, or gluten, free product.
  2. Healthy and safe to use for all ages.
  3. Supports healthy immune systems.
  4. Contains omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids.
  5. Supports healthy skin, coat, teeth, and bones.
  6. Supports allergy protection.

What are the main ingredients in Nupro Dog Daily Supplements?

The main ingredients in this immune boosting, vitality, powder include:

  1. Liver
  2. Kelp
  3. Amino Acids
  4. Yeast
  5. Flaxseed
  6. Garlic
  7. Calcium

Liver: This organ is a great source of protein and essential nutrients, from iron to B-vitamins.

Kelp: A source of potassium, Kelp is a great source of protein and essential nutrients, from iron to B-vitamins.

Amino Acids: The building blocks of life, these supplements add to cell structure and function.

Yeast: Yeast offers many healthy properties from flea control to acting as a source of omega fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and B vitamins. It supports healthy skin and coat. It also acts as an anti-anxiety medicine due to addition of Vitamin B! Bring on the yeast!

Flaxseed: Full of omega-3’s these fats support healthy skin and coat growth, act as an anti-inflammatory, regulate allergies, treat yeast infections, and promote eye and heart health.

Garlic: While the health properties are never ending for humans, only a limited amount should be given to our canine friends. Garlic acts as an antibiotic and immune system booster.

Calcium: Got Milk? This popular slogan was used to promote milk for it’s Superman nutrient, calcium! Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone and joint health.

Recommended Dosage

Dosage is recommended based on weight. Nupro comes in different sized containers, each container supporting a different dog breed size. Be sure to read the instructions when choosing the right container for your pet. Remember that this supplement should be given with meals.

Small Breed Formula comes in 5-week supplies:

Dogs up to 5lbs: 1 teaspoon sized scoop per day

5-10lbs: 2 teaspoon sized scoops per day

11-15lbs: 3 teaspoon sized scoops per day

16-20lbs: 4 teaspoon sized scoops per day

Directions for other sized containers should be followed accordingly.

Customer Reviews

Nupro Dog Daily Supplement appears to be a choice well liked by many owners. Customers boasted about effectiveness. Some positive feedback included loss of itchy skin, improvement to coat, help with immune system, and pet-friendly flavor!

Additional comments from customers include:

  1. Does not affect diabetes
  2. regrowth of fur
  3. Acting as a Rogaine for dogs, one owner described how their dogs red skin with patchy fur healed back into a shiny brownish gray coat.
  4. The skin condition in one rescued pitbull improved in as little as four months.


Nupro Dog Daily Supplement is an option that has seemed to satisfy many dog owners. The powder is packed with nutrients that should keep your partner-in-crime on his toes, healthy and happy! My main concern with this product is confusing administration directions. There are other wonderful supplements that make administering a much easier task.

However the testimonials from customers may make a pet owner try Nupro regardless of dose directions. Customers seemed very happy over-all with this product! Liver, kelp and flaxseed are only a few natural ingredients that work wonders on animal health.

Too much of anything is never a good things so delivering the correct amount is important in all supplements. While this medicine worked in many cases, it is important to remember that they are not a 100% fail proof solution for diseases. Some dogs will need to pair the effects of these treats with exercise and weight management dieting. In a few cases surgical procedures may be required to treat bone and joint diseases. As always, consult a professional for the best methods to keep your dog healthy and happy.