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Nugenix Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

nugenix reviewsNugenix is a product that you may be familiar with.  The massive television advertising campaign from Nugenix has caused many men across the country to hit the internet seeking out reviews and information about this product.  Designed to boost free testosterone, Nugenix promises to return men to a more youthful version of themselves.

As men age, there are some very distinct changes that the body goes through.  Lower testosterone levels can play a major role in your sex drive, muscle mass and even affect your energy, drive and mood.  While it is no fun, it is normal for men to experience this.  The question, however, is whether or not supplements can help you regain that edge.  Nugenix makes some pretty impressive claims, so we were excited to take a look at the science and see whether or not this product has the potential to actually help or if it is just another scam.

Nugenix Reviews

Nugenix Reviews have shown that this product can be purchased from GNC.  In fact, the television ads you may have seen seem to be a partnership between GNC and Nugenix.  You can also find the product online at the company’s official website.  On this website, they offer a free 14 day trial of the product.  After which time they company will Bill consumers the cost of the product PLUS $69.99, the cost of another bottle that is sent automatically.  We recommend you read all of the small print on the website and the offer before purchasing.

Nugenix marketing approach is hugely based around bedroom performance and drive.  While some aging men may have trouble in the bedroom, not all do.  There are many men who are looking for increased muscle mass, or improved mood and drive in general, not just in the bedroom.  Nugenix is formulated mostly for the men who feel they have low testosterone, and are not looking to boost T for workouts alone.   You should decide carefully what your motivations are from this product.  Are you looking solely for bedroom performance or are there other motivators at play.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

nugenix ingredientsThis formula’s first ingredients are Vitamin B 6 and Vitamin B 12.  After that is the proprietary blend of Nugenix Testosterone Complex.  That complex contains Testofen, a trademarked ingredient, which is the same active ingredient as Ageless Male.

Each Bottle contains 90 capsules.  The daily dosage is 3 capsules per day.  Each bottle should last you roughly 30 days with regular use and costs $69.99 per bottle.  Remember, regular use is required with this product.  Be sure that you can afford to use this product month after month before starting.  If you cannot continue the use of a product, there is really no reason to try it, free or not.

Information Reported Online about Nugenix Reviews 

As we stated before, Nugenix offers Free Trials and Auto Billing Promotions.  This is a surefire way to garner the complaints and criticism of many of your clients.  Nugenix states every condition of their offer, they hide nothing from their consumers and they are clear about their offers.  Consumers do not read the information carefully, then accuse Nugenix of ripping them off.

We don’t think that it is fair that according to many Nugenix reviews we found, their reputation is destroyed by consumers who don’t read their offers, but thats life on the internet.  We did, however, find a number of other complaints about the effectiveness of the product and not related to billing practices.  In general, the claims were that the product was ineffective for them and that they were dissatisfied with the experience

In a Nut Shell

The Nugenix product gets a lot of attention due to the amount of money they spend on television advertisements.  It stimulates larges amounts of interest in men nationwide and has been an effective for the company to a large number of consumers to sign up.  So from a marketing perspective, it has been a success.  The problems we spotted with this product, however, were ingredient based.

In our opinion, this product is very similar to the others on the market.  Vitamin B 6 and B 12 is not groundbreaking formulations.  Testofen has been around and is a known commodity.  It is nothing spectacular.  We believe that there are more effective, more affordable options for you to consider.  Continue your search, check out our comparison charts and other consumer tools until you find a product that meets each and every one of your needs.

About this category of Supplement:

Nugenix falls into a category of “testosterone boosters” or “male vitality” boosters.   There are really two kinds of products in this category.  One kind is the body building type.  These are the products that boast to help you get fired up for your workout, or to help you bulk up on muscle.   They will also claim to give you more energy in the gym.   That’s NOT the kind of product Nugenix is.   It really falls into the second type of testosterone booster product.   These are ones that claim to help aging men get back their energy levels, to have more drive in the bedroom, and in general to get back that feeling of vigor and potency that all men have when they are younger.   So, Keep that in mind, if you’re considering Nugenix for the “body building” type area of use.