Probiotics supplements are sweeping the market. Every doctor agrees that they are a MUST for a healthy body. But which one to add to your regimen? Cut to our 10 Favorite probiotics on the market with our report.

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Now Foods Probiotic Defense Conclusion and Summary

Our bodies are made of cells, and it’s been a theory that every human being is actually a whole community – or planet – of cells that all interact with each other, Now Foods Probiotic Defense Reviewsforming a whole organism of interdependent living parts. It’s no surprise, then, that we should also realize that we also harbor independent living things like beneficial bacteria. In fact, we have a dizzying multitude of bacterial communities that all interact with our own bodies, helping keep a stable system, or even helping us outright.

One of the most important examples of this sort of symbiotic relationship is how the bacterial flora in our intestines helps us digest food properly, and, by releasing certain substances, even helps our body react in ways that affect everything from our blood chemistry and chemical sensitivity to our immune responses and brain functions.

That’s where the use of probiotic food supplements comes in.

Foods with Probiotics

One way to help keep our beneficial bacterial flora healthy is to use probiotic food supplements and food products. It’s not as radical as you would think. After all, yogurt is one of the oldest forms of probiotic food, as are most other food that we eat that have gone through a fermentation process, or is still undergoing a fermentation process.

What probiotic products do is introduce healthy bacteria that can either supplement what bacterial flora already exists in your body, or replace and rebuild bacterial communities that have been wiped out due to illness or antibiotic treatments.

Now Foods Probiotic Defense Reviews

If you read Now Foods Probiotic Defense reviews, you’re probably wondering that even with all the thirteen active bacterial strains, how all of it can affect you, and why it’s a high quality product, given the affordable price. Well, it’s all in how beneficial probiotic food supplements can be.

An Aid in Digestion

Probiotic food products primarily aid in the digestive processes. Probiotic bacterial strains can help you in the following ways:

1)        Proper digestion – Everyone’s bacteria flora in their digestive systems are unique, and it’s possible that yours will be lacking in some ways. The addition of the bacterial strains from Now Foods probiotic products can help you have a more stable digestive system, allowing you to eat more kinds of food with less gastrointestinal issues.

2)        Cholesterol breakdown and lowered blood pressure – For some people, it’s possible that the addition of the Now Foods bacterial strains can help them break down cholesterol further while still in the digestive tract, allowing them to be metabolized at an easier rate. This, in turn, can help people who are actively trying to lower their high blood pressure, by giving an extra internal “push” for healthier blood pressure.

3)        Prevents diarrhea – This is practically a given, as a balanced flora can help against either a bacterial invasion that left unchecked will produce diarrhea, or it will help the person digest food better, which will also prevent diarrhea anyway.

4)        More efficient absorption – Not only does Now Foods probiotic  products help you break down food better, it can also help you have intestinal flora that not only helps you break down food better, but break it down in the right way (similar to how it breaks down cholesterol into more manageable forms). This way, the body will be able to absorb more nutrients for every ounce of food that you eat.

Compare Now Foods Probiotic Defense with the Best Probiotic Supplements

Immune Response Booster

It’s not precisely known how balanced intestinal flora helps with the person’s immune response system, but there is evidence that a healthier immune response can be due to stable beneficial bacterial communities.

1)        Minimize allergies – One theory is that bacteria respond to certain substances by creating a different set of substances that has neutralizing properties. This supposedly can be passed on to the host body itself, making the person less susceptible for some kinds of allergies.

2)        Protects against minor ailments – Again, using the same mechanics as for allergies, there is some evidence that well balanced bacterial flora in the body can shield the person against minor ailments – or, at least make them more resistant. There is even some evidence that beneficial bacteria can help against invasive infections.

Again, this is where probiotic products like Now Foods Probiotic Defense can help your body by adding more beneficial bacterial strains that can also help boost the population of the original bacterial flora in your body.

Other Benefits

A proper probiotic regimen can also help you in the following ways:

Urinary tract health – by encouraging the growth of beneficial bacterial communities in your urinary tract and its surrounding areas, foods with probiotics or probiotic supplements can help prevent or minimize urinary tract infections.

Improved mental functions – Some people believe that because your body is absorbing nutrients at a better rate, your brain functions will improve. This means that you will be more alert, and that your coordination and thinking processes will probably be faster or clearer.

How do I use Now Foods Probiotic Defense?

You should start with one capsule a day at first, drinking it with a glass of water. That way, your body will have time to get used to the new bacterial strains. You can then build up your intake to three times a day. Do remember to keep your Now Foods probiotic supplement supply refrigerated.

Other concerns and reasons for taking probiotics

One important reason to take probiotics is if you have undergone antibiotic treatment. The issue here is that while the antibiotic drug may wipe out the illness-causing bacteria, it will also wipe out many of your beneficial bacterial strains. It’s possible that you will become a part of the 30% of people who were treated with antibiotic drugs that ended up with diarrhea. Taking Now Foods Probiotic Defense can help you achieve a new balance with your intestinal flora, giving the weakened original flora the push to recover, while also replacing or supporting them with the thirteen bacterial strains that come with New Foods probiotics.

You should also remember that a healthy lifestyle will encourage your bacterial flora to get up to strength, so to speak. Exercise and a good diet will do wonders for you, particularly if you are also using Now Foods Probiotic Defense.