Skin tone correctors or brighteners often don't work. Many also have dangerous bleach-type ingredients in them that can harm your skin. Skip the nonsense and head straight to the 10 WE PREFER.

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Nip and Fab Pigmentation Fix Makes Big Promises

All women are dreaming of clear, flawless fabulous skin. Sadly, there are many factors that hinder one’s dream of achieving an even skin tone. For one, sun damage is nip and fab pigmentation fixinevitable. We are constantly exposed to the elements, and UVA/UVB exposure seems to be neglected by most of us. Secondly, the process of aging induces proliferation of free radicals which destroys skin cells making women prone to acne, blemishes, and the formation of dark spots and age spots. Lastly, the skincare industry is saturated with skincare products that all promise to correct skin tone unevenness and discolorations. At last, Nip Fab has developed their own take on what an ultimate skin tone corrector should be like. Introducing, the Nip Fab Pigmentation Fix, a highly-concentrated treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of age spots, uneven skin tone, redness, and scars to reveal skin that is radiant and glowing.

Pigmentation Fix by Nip and Fab aims to effectively reduce the visibility of existing age spots and dark patches as well as preventing the development of new discolorations on the skin. This formula is clinically proven to reduce a compound called Lipofuscin that induces the development of dull and uneven skin tone. Studies reveal reduced problem of uneven skin tone by 14.2% in just two weeks of continue use and application. Long-term use of Pigmentation Fix reveals a reduction of all types of blemishes, scars, and discoloration signs down to 21.2%.

Nip and Fab is a UK skincare brand that is committed to diminishing all types of skincare problems. Their extensive skincare collection for the face and body treatments promises to offer breakthrough alternatives that are just as equally effective and potent as surgical treatments. One of the best-selling skin tone corrector formulations on the market, the Pigmentation Fix claims that it can provide dramatic results in just two weeks. Nip Fab founder, Maria Hatzistefanis, aims to deliver quality products at prices ranges that all women can afford. This skin tone corrector formula is said to deliver results fast, thus eliminating all your worries for uneven skin tone in reoccurring in the future.

Nip and Fab Pigmentation Fix Reviews

This exceptional product claims to reduce all signs of uneven skin tone in a matter of fourteen days. The formulation bears a light yellow serum that contains high levels of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that readily brightens skin complexion. Illumiscin is compound made from a blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and olive leaf extract that treats dark spots by means of preventing the production of both melanin and lipfuscin, pigments that darken skin tone as a result of sun exposure

The luxurious Pigmentation Fix formula is packaged in a pump dispenser, thus ensuring hygienic delivery of the product as well as potency of the active ingredients on the long term. The Nip Fan Pigmentation Fix is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a smooth and supple finish. The Nip Fab Pigmentation Fix is highly recommended not only for mature women, but for women of all ages that seem to be plagued with skin discoloration issues. This product has done wonders for many women in the past. If you are looking for a skincare treatment that can erase all those unsightly dark spots for good, look no further as Pigmentation Fix has got you covered.

Key Ingredients

All Nip and Fab skincare products contain caffeine and synephrine. These compounds work synergistically to make your skin look and feel tighter and feature a smooth overall appearance. The Pigmentation Fix formula has a smooth, silky feel, which in turn allows you to apply makeup or moisturizer over it. Aside from improvement in skin tone, Pigmentation Fix boasts anti-aging qualities that increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Uneven skin tone is a serious skin concern in women across all ages and skin types.  Luckily for us, skincare companies such as Nip Fab are focusing their efforts on developing products that promote even skin tone by eradication skin discolorations for good.  A study on the potency of Nip and Fab Pigmentation Fix was conducted soon after its release. The results reveal very high satisfactory results among women who were lucky enough to get a hold of the Pigmentation Fix during its release.

–          Almost 75.6% of participants reported significant improvement on their skin tone after two weeks

–          77% of testers noticed dark spots were completely eradicated after two months of regular application

The Nip Fab Pigmentation Fix can even eliminate stubborn hyperpigmentation issues in just two weeks. Those who have long been searching for a skincare treatment that can erase imperfections should definitely try out Nip and Fab’s skin tone corrector.

Compare Nip and Fab with Leading Skin Tone Brands

If you have both hyperpigmentation issues and skin aging problems, the Pigmentation Fix is absolutely the perfect product to target these skin concerns right away. An added bonus to skin clearing and anti-aging benefit is that of improvement in skin clarity. Almost all participants of the study reported an increase in radiance and a more youthful glow only after a few days of using Pigmentation Fix.

Customer Reviews

Based in comprehensive Nip and Fab Pigmentation Fix reviews, a large percentage of women who have tried out this product for two weeks were all satisfied with their results. Its dual action actually thrilled a lot of women whose concern are both skin aging and uneven skin tone.

The brightening effect reduced the visibility not only of dark spots, but also wrinkles and fine lines that creep up dull, matured skin. Users are also raving about the ease of application. Women who have integrated Pigmentation Fix as part of their skincare regime reported increase elasticity and tightening of their skin. The fast manner by which results are delivered by Pigmentation Fix is yet another great selling point, which successfully lured in a lot of women. Majority of women find the product to deliver most of its anti-aging and skin clearing actions, but there are also those who reported little to no skincare benefits from using Pigmentation Fix as well.