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Nerium Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

Nerium is a brand that has been gaining the attention of many consumers in recent months.  While far from a household name, this anti aging skincare company offers a combination of products to suit your skin care needs.  As we visited the website, we found the claims that each product undergoes clinical testing and research.  That was super exciting to us, as most times just the ingredients undergo testing not the entire formula. So, we conducted several Nerium Reviews to find out.   Problem is, however, that we are unable to find that research and study information.  Our experts are not sure why you would state that you test the performance of the products and then omit the information, unless the testing didn’t show enough results to warrant its inclusion.  Without seeing that data, we will never know.

Nerium Reviews

When you are looking for a wrinkle cream or anti aging product, you want to find something that will work.  There are literally thousands of products and brands out there and choosing which one is right for you is very difficult for consumers to do on their own. Often times they purchase products that are less effective and cost large amounts of money.  This trial and error can be a very expensive undertaking and leaves consumers frustrated and disheartened.

Nerium offers consumers anti aging skincare products which are bundled together to provide some additional overall value to the user.  These products are not cheap and are out of reach for many consumers, but anything you can save is appreciated.  The company website seems equal parts skincare products and marketing website, encouraging consumers to sell the products to friends and family.  While most companies would love their users to represent the brand, we found it strange that this was all grouped together on one website.

Multi Level Marketing

There are many different opinions on multi level marketing, or pyramid schemes as they are sometimes called.  While not all of them are scams, anyone who is considering joining should do so with measured expectations and a healthy amount of skepticism. For us, this was kinda a turn off.  We want the products to speak for themselves, and this left us feeling concerned.  This also means that most of the Nerium reviews we could find online were probably made by one of their marketers on the MLM ladder.

Information Reported Online

Whenever there is multi level marketing,  you are going to have a ton of traffic and information available online.  Consumers are all trying to promote the product so they post often.  As you can imagine, much of the posting claims are positive as the posters are compensated if they sell the products.  It makes it almost impossible to trust what you are reading about Nerium, at least when it comes to personal testimonials or accounts of the product.

We found ZERO listings or publishings of the clinical trials this company claims to have done on the products.  What we did find, however, was a CBS story about how the MAIN INGREDIENT in Nerium may actually be TOXIC to animals and humans.

With concerns like this, it makes the omission of clinical trials even more concerning.  Please take some time to do your research on Nerium and the active ingredient it utilizes.  For us, it is enough to skip this as a viable option.  There are thousands of products that work effectively without risking using a toxic product that has no proof of working.

In a Nut Shell

Look, the desire to look young is powerful.  We all want to age the best that we can.  But we need to be smart about the products that we choose and how we spend our money.  There are far too many companies who are happy to make claims they cannot back up if they believe it will get you to give them their money.  Our trained eye tells us that Nerium is a product that you should be concerned about.  If there is even a hint of evidence that shows that it may be toxic to some consumers, you should not try the product.  Period.

Remember, with multi level marketing you will not easily find all of the negative reviews and complaints of these products.  The representatives are trained to push down those complaints in the search engine findings and replace them with their positive spin posts, regardless of the fact that they are neither true or documented.

It is a massive problem that they do not share their clinical evidence from their trials.  Why would you keep that from consumers if it was half the wonder treatment you claim…the answer is you wouldn’t.  There has to be something buried in the science that is of concern, otherwise they would champion the results and tout is as the miracle they claim it is.  Sometimes what you don’t say, is very telling.

In our opinion, you should pass on Nerium, or at least do more research before you buy.  For our money, we would continue the search and find a product without the risk of being toxic and the muddied waters of MLM.  Check out our comparison charts and other consumer tools to help you find the right path to a product that will actually help your skin look its best.