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Natures Way White Kidney Bean Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

Natures Way is a brand that many consumers recognize regardless of their experience with vitamins and supplements and so forth.  Natures WayThis brand is known for having consistent, professionally formulated products.  They may not set the world on fire, or win the awards of the most sensational new product, but they are reliable, affordable and readily available.  While that may sound like an endorsement, the truth is, that many consumers are looking for something extra.  They want the best!  We decided to take a closer look at this product and see how it compares with the best products in its niche.

Natures Way has a professional history, website and reputation.  That was nothing new when looking at the White Kidney Bean carb blocker, we got more of the same in that regard.  The main issue or complaint that critics have of Natures Way is that the formulas are not “potent” or “strong” enough to trigger the results that they want.  To be honest, there is some measure of merit to those claims.  Natures Way, historically, does not formulate the most concentrated formulas, but does that mean the products don’t work?

Natures Way White Kidney Bean Reviews

As we scoured the internet and began our research, we were a bit surprised to hear that most consumers who used this product were not upset with the concentration of the products.  In fact, most consumers felt comfortable with that aspect of the product.  Many, Many consumers reported being happy with this product and that it was the little “extra” they needed to achieve their weight loss goals.  There were a number of negative complaints, which is impossible to avoid nowadays.  They did, however, concern us due to the fact that they all focused on the effectiveness.

Claims of ineffectiveness are concerning to us, as we pride ourselves on finding the most effective products on the market.  We wanted to take a closer look at the claims.  Some of them may have been centered around a lack of understanding how white kidney bean will function works within the body, or perhaps the consumers had unrealistic expectations.  We did, however, confirm some consumers, practicing proper diet, exercising, with a good understanding of how this product works, who were very unhappy with the product and the effect it had on their diets, compared to other similarly priced white kidney bean supplements.  That is the information we try to provide you here.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Natures Way White Kidney Bean Reviews report that each bottle contains 60 vegicaps. With the serving size of 2 capsules twice per day, each bottle will last you 15 days.  That makes the $15 purchase price not look as attractive as it did before we found that.  Natures Way uses the same Phase 2 white kidney bean that many other products on the market, in the same 1000mg.  Nothing overly interesting there.

Overall Impression

You may have heard the expression, it is what it is.  That is kinda how we feel with this one.  It is what it is.  The product is of decent quality.  You trust the bottle contains what they say it does.  You will get the ingredients, but many claim it simply doesn’t produce the results.  That is concerning, whatever the reason is.

Our opinion is that there are other products on the market, similar in price, with no negative complaints about effectiveness.  Its hard to imagine a world where we would choose the under performing product.  We don’t here either. Check out our comparison chart to see how Natures Way Stacks up.