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Natures Way Forskohlii Reviews and Consumer Product Report

Natures Way is a vitamin and supplement brand that many consumers have grown to recognize.  They have many Natures Way Forskohlii Reviewsproducts in many different niches and their products can be trusted as well balanced and of solid quality. We are here to determine how the results compare with the other products on the market and ultimately see which brand works the best.

One of the things that we like about Natures Way is the fact that there is usually plenty of information about the products to be found online.  Because the product are sold in a number of locations, information is plentiful, which we naturally prefer.  There is always some concern, however, about the quality of product being consistent with larger retail brands such as Natures way.

Natures Way Forskohlii Reviews

When we examined the Natures Way website, we were not surprised to find it professional and informative.  We were, however, a bit shocked to see the concentration of this product in relation to the others on the market.  The 125mg is on the low side, but comparable to others on the market.  The problem we noted was that the extract was standardized to ONLY 1%

That is shockingly low with most products being standardized to 10, 15 or 20%.  At 1% this is considerably lower than the leading brands.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

The product contains 60 capsules and directions are to take 1 Capsule, twice daily.  They recommend taking the product before meals for best results.

Based upon the research you would want a much more concentrated dose to get the results you have heard about with Forskolin.  If weight loss, fat burning and body composition are a part of your goals, you want to step up your dosage to the minimal levels to achieve results.

Overall Impression

Overall, we feel that Natures Way is one of the leading brands in supplements and vitamins, certainly they are online.  While we respect their formulations, we were a bit surprised by the lack of concentration of this product.  Perhaps they feel with the two capsules daily, they can get the results, but the research does not necessarily agree.

If you are loyal to Natures Way, we get it.  But our job is to identify the products that would seem to have the best chance of getting you the results you are looking for.  In that regard, we recommend that you continue your search for a more concentrated dose.

If at the end of the day you wind up choosing Natures Way, you can feel confident you are using a quality company.  But if results are your concern, there are other products that you can purchase that are more likely to give you the results you want, faster.