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NaturalGenius Forskolin Extract Reviews and Product Summary

The NaturalGenius brand is not commonly recognized by consumers at first glance.  But as we always say, it is NaturalGenius Forskolinimportant to look past the brand name and take a closer look at the ingredients that product contains.  In other words, do your research and reserve your judgement until you have done so.  We were excited to take a closer look at NaturalGenius and share our findings with you.

With Forskolin products, the most important thing to remember is to locate and compare the ingredients and their concentrations.  Some brands have surprisingly low concentration of Forskolin, which obviously is not what you are looking for.  At first glance, NaturalGenius seems to “check all the boxes”, so we were eager to see if this product stacks up against the competition.

NaturalGenius Forskolin Extract Reviews

This is not a company that has the same recognition as many of the brands we review here and to be honest, there was not a tremendous amount of information about the company online.  Perhaps it is because this is a smaller product line, more targeted at just weight loss or colon cleanse type products.  In some instances, these companies are simply interested in Marketing their products and making money on weight loss minded consumers.  Other times, their specification leads to expertise, we were hopeful it was the latter.

The more we examined things and read consumer reviews the more we started getting concerned that this was a marketing based company only interested in maximizing profits by capitalizing on “buzz” ingredients like Forskolin or Green Coffee Bean or Garcinia Cambogia.  Its unfortunate, but part of the industry and the reasons why you need to do your research.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Despite the customer complaints found online, the ingredients of this product seem pretty good.  We have heard of some companies that do not always include the ingredients they claim to on the label and we have no proof that this is what NaturalGenius is doing.  But there are a number of customers who are making those claims online which is problematic.

Typically, a product that contains these ingredients and dosages would be a quality product that is effective, but there is a disconnect between the information we read and the results that consumers are seeing.  We can only speculate as to why.

Overall Impression

This is an interesting and difficult call.  This product seems to contain similar ingredient concentrations of our Top Rated Forskolin products, yet the consumer reactions to this product are quite different.  Sometimes a company can be the victim of an upset customer ruining their reputation with online reviews, perhaps it is even a competitor, but it is troublesome enough to raise doubts.  Doubts are not what you are looking for.  You are looking for Results!!

Labels look good, customer reviews do not.  Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a product with these types of concerns.  Continue your search and check out our consumer tools and comparison charts.