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Natural Earth WKB Plus Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

The words “Natural” and “Earth” are often times used in supplement brand names.  Natural Earth Supplements is a smaller Natural Earth WKB Plus supplement manufacturing firm that does not have many of the benefits of brand recognition.  They have a minimal looking website, that seems to have been created years ago, and most of our staff was generally unaware of the brand and its product offerings.   But none of that plays a role in the effectiveness of these products or how they compare with leading brands.  We decided to take a closer look at Natural Earth WKB Plus  and see what the carb blocking formula is all about.

As we examined the formula used in this Natural Earth WKB Plus, we were pleased with the fact that they added a little extra to the formula other than just White Kidney Bean (WKB).  The added benefit of appetite curbing ingredients can help consumers not only alter the digestion of carbohydrates but also help you eat less of them, making the formula more effective than one with with just white kidney beans.

Natural Earth WKB Plus Reviews

When we research the brand, the website, and insider information on the company, the impression we got was less than favorable.  It seems that the operation is somewhat antiquated based upon the website operation, but as we have stated numerous times websites have no bearing on the effectiveness of a formula, only a reflection of the entire business entity.

As far as the formula, we like the additions of Caralluma to the formula for appetite control.  While caralluma has some negative reviews about whether or not it works effectively, the fact that Natural Earth knows enough to boost their formula with the added benefits was an absolute plus for us.  While effectiveness of this product may be under question, we give Natural Earth credit for creating an innovative formula.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Natural Earth WKB Plus Reviews have shown that each bottle contains 60 capsules with the serving size is 2 capsules per day.  The formula contains 1000mg white kidney bean, 100mg Caralluma, and 200 mg of Maqui.  The price is $29.99 per bottle which places Natural Earth around the average price point on the market.

Overall Impression

Our overall impression was A for effort but the execution of the product was somewhat lacking.  We like the idea of using an appetite suppressant along side of the white kidney bean and for that we are pleased with the Natural Earth WKB Plus.  However, when speaking with customers who have used the product, there are too many consumers who are displeased with the company or the product itself.

This product is priced about average, but we cannot recommend the use of it due to the high number of complaints and some of the negative reviews out there on the market.  We recommend you continue your research and check out our comparison charts for a quick reference guide to help you in your search.