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Summary and Findings for Nanotokin

Our Nanotokin Reviews have resurfaced an issue that is quite common within anti aging skin care products.  Consumers want to know a wrinkle cream works, before they
Nanotokin_Review_1buy it, and as such they read reviews and gather information ahead of time.  These consumers see a company such as Nanotokin, which contains 12 peptides according to the manufacturer website, and think WOW.  If some wrinkle creams contain only 1 peptide based ingredients, a product that has 12 MUST work better, right?  It is hard to argue with that logical thought process, but the problem is that nothing could be further from the truth!

Peptides, especially the best and highest rated ones, are designed to be used in low concentrations.  Increasing concentration offers the consumer NO ADDED BENEFIT or improved wrinkle reduction.  This is done simply from a marketing perspective.  The Manufacturer of the ingredients contained in this wrinkle cream recommends to use LOWER concentrations and not to combine too many peptides as it leads to skin irritation with regular, prolonged use.

While Nanotokin Reviews have shown us that this product has a loyal following of happy users, the skin care expert in each of us wants to caution those consumers who have sensitive skin types or if their skin irritates easy, use caution with this formula.  For those of you who do not have sensitive skin, the combination of these ingredients should bring about a response for your skin, one way or the other.


While it would take too long to describe what each ingredient in this product does.  We recommend that you google each one, read the studies and understand how they work.  Nanotokin contains each of the following Peptide Based Ingredients:


SYN Coll 

Matrixyl 3000


Snap 8


SYN Hycan

Pepha Tight

Regu Age

Eye Seryl

Tego Cosmo

Syn Tacks


Compare Nanotokin with the Top Rated Wrinkle Cream Brands

Price and Buying

You can purchase Nanotokin at a number of retailers but the most trustworthy is the manufacturer.  Our Nanotokin Reviews have shown that you can purchase this wrinkle cream for $49.99 per bottle or $149.99 for 3 bottles.


Each bottle of Nanotokin Wrinkle Cream contains 1 fl oz and will last you less than 30 days using twice daily as the ingredients recommend.

Information Reported Online

The bulk of the information reported online is fairly positive.  No one is proclaiming that this is the miracle anti aging wrinkle cream that a company hopes for, but the reviews tend to be positive.  The pricing is attractive to the customers and while each bottle does not last as long as users hope for, it is adequate.  Of course, there are some negative reviews posted online as well and claims of misinformation, but nothing out of the ordinary for skin care companies.

As we all know, an angry consumer can lash out without any proof of misdoing and post things online that are false and damaging to the company.  Nanotokin is no different than hundreds of other popular wrinkle creams in that regard.  While we are not fond of their marketing approach, we think that our readers should purchase this product if they would like to, with only the one caveat regarding sensitivity.

In a Nut Shell

There is a loyal following of Nanotokin.  Certainly, the brand has some off putting marketing ploys, but each company is free to try to sell their product however they see fit.  It has no bearing on the product, its results, or how consumers will react to the product.  In our opinion, there is nothing earth shattering about this formula and the results that users achieve are average overall.  As is the case with most creams, some users love it, some hate it and some are indifferent.Nanotokin_Review_2

The only thing we recommend is read the small print, do some research on your own, beware of skin sensitivity.  If you have done all of that and this wrinkle cream still excites you, then give it a try.  While we don’t expect you to be blown away, we don’t think you will be upset by this cream either.