10 Highest Rated Probiotic Supplements

If doing the research for Finding the Best Probiotic seems daunting, don't worry. This Top 10 List will reveal the best of the best based on 7 vital characteristics.

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Avoid the Myths… and the Wrong Probiotic.

health probiotics are essential to your dietProbiotics are like the new Multi-Vitamins. Well, sort of..  In recent years, they have taken an extremely visible role

our top probioticin the day to day lives of many Americans.  In many ways probiotics are like multi-vitamins, in that they can be used for general health and well being.  The best Probiotics can really help those people with immune system problems, digestive problems or yeast infections.  This “good” bacteria aids us by keeping the “bad” bacteria in check, which in turn, promotes numerous health benefits.  Among their roles, probiotics assist in extracting energy from food, boosting your body’s immune system, protect against infections and preventing obesity.

Despite significant benefits of probiotics, consumers must beware of the myths and the marketing hype behind some probiotic brands.  Not all brands are created equally.  Probiotics can vary in strength, number of strains, number of organisms and storage information.  Certain Strains are better for certain health symptoms and disorders and so forth.  Therefore, you must be aware of the Misleading marketing hype on the market, which could steer you wrong.

Here is the Hype to Watch out For
Misleading Myth #1:  The More Strains (CFU) the Better.   FALSE – the thing to remember is that your body needs to actually absorb and digest the bacteria to get any benefit.  There are many probiotics on the market that boast about having a zillion CFU’s of bacteria.  The higher number isn’t the most important thing.  That’s because many bacteria die when they hit your stomach acid.  So, taking the right bacteria that can Survive your stomach acid is more important.  Remember, more isn’t better

Misleading Myth #2:  The Probiotic is all you need.   FALSE – All probiotics will contain bacteria strains, but they forget to include a pre-biotic in the formula.  Bacteria in the gut feeds on non digestible fiber.  Either eat 38 grams of fiber per day from fruits, legumes, and vegetables or find a probiotic that already contains the necessary fiber for the flora to thrive.  Preferably, a combination of both is ideal to maximize the benefits

Misleading Myth #3: Oh, Ours is Best, we promise.  FALSE – Nobody benefits from 90% of the probiotic products on the market, other than the maker.  Take the time to do your homework, and research some of the topics we discuss in this article.  You’ll find that if you are looking to help certain symptoms, than certain types of probiotics are going to help you more.   Remember, don’t fall for the hype.

Factors like diet, illness and medications all can impact your healthy bacteria levels.  When things are well, roughly 90 Percent of the total bacteria in your gut should be “good” or beneficial bacteria. When these levels drop, it can lead to a number of disorders like Gastrointestinal Problems, Weakened Immune System, Inflammation, Eczema, Diarrhea or Constipation.  Each of these issues are problematic,  but with Inflammation it can affect so many aspects of our health, that it becomes an issue each of us should be paying attention to.

good bacterial helps your digestion and overall healthIt might sound complicated and when you start paying close attention to all the names of strains of bacteria it can be downright intimidating.  Remember, the name of the strains is less important, unless you are targeting something specifically.  Making sure that you get a concentrated dose (CFU ) of the proper bacteria from a company you can Trust should be at the top of your list.

The use of probiotics has skyrocketed in this country over the past few years.  If you are thinking of taking advantage of their many benefits we suggest you do your homework and be wary of the myths.  Make sure you feel confident in the brand name that you choose and have appropriate expectations from the products.  While the benefits are significant, you will not feel results overnight.  Remember, some research goes a long way in ensuring you get a good quality product, and when in doubt, you can always check with your doctor to be sure you find the one that is right for you.