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Murad Resurgence Reviews, Summary and Findings

If you ever finding yourself watching the Sunday morning infomercials, you may have come across the Murad Resurgence Infomercial.  Because this is where Murad Resurgence Reviewsmost of the Murad customers begin their journey, this is where we begin our Murad Resurgence Reviews.  While all infomercials feature celebrities from our past, it is a wonder why consumers continue to “fall” for this marketing approach.  Although equally silly in hind sight, Joan London does a fantastic job of “reporting” her findings along with her celebrity friends.  While most of us are able to separate the fact that clearly these women do not use the product and they are being paid to endorse this product.   But somewhere along the line that logical thought takes a back seat to the more inquisitive side of your, that hits the search engines to find out the truth about this product.

Our Murad Resurgence Reviews have shown that this “skin care system” has a special TV offer where consumers can get 3 Products.  The Age-Diffusing Serum, the Renewing Cleansing Cream, and finally the Age-Balancing Night Cream.  So a cleanser, a day serum and a night cream.  It is important to understand that this is a hormonal skin care treatment system.  Meaning these skin care products are designed to work on skin that is going through a change in hormonal balance.  These hormonal changes are common in women in their early to mid 40’s, when aging skin is typically just beginning.  What this means to you as a consumer, however, is that if you do not fall into the category of a woman, aged 40-45 years old, then this treatment is most likely not for you.


Despite all of the time that producers put into the production of the infomercial and even the Resurgence website, no where in the process does Dr. Murad explain what ingredients he is using to accomplish these very bold claims that they are making.  They have an entire page of the website dedicated to “celebrities” but no where do they bother to explain to consumers what they put into the product, and what will be doing the actually healing of your skin.  This omission is intentional, but motive for why they don’t want consumers to know the formula is not as obvious.

Compare Murad Resurgence with the Best Wrinkle Creams

Price and Buying

Murad Resurgence ReviewsMurad Resurgence Reviews have shown that when you purchase this skin care system, are are automatically being enrolled in an auto ship program which will bill your credit card and send you product automatically.  The product costs $39.98 a month. and every 90 days you will get another supply of the product.  But the 39.98 charges to  your credit card every single month.


In Each Murad Resurgence System, the consumer gets 4.5 fl oz of the cleansing cream, 1 fl oz of the age diffusing serum and 1.7 fl oz of the age balancing cream.

Information Reported Online

While we never are fans of companies that do not list ingredients for consumers to research prior to purchase, we were honestly quite shocked to read some of the reviews of the product online.  As always there was a mixed bag of reviews, many of which were positive.  What surprised us, however, was the content of the negative reviews we found on major retail websites like Amazon and so forth.  Typically, you can always find some complaints about the automatic billing with offers like this, however many of the negative reviews we saw spoke directly of the results they achieved from using the product.  The claims of this product seem to be similar to Nerium.  We did conduct some Nerium reviews that you can check out also.

Murad Resurgence ReviewsOn the whole, it seems that the positive reviews out weigh the negatives ones we found online, but not by much.  There seems to be some debate about this product.  In all honestly, the product is probably fine, but the users do not always fall into that small category of aging women in their early 40’s.  Remember what the product you buy is intended to fix, and don’t be surprised when it does not reach beyond its intended use.

In a Nut Shell

Without knowing the exact ingredients of a product, it is difficult to estimate the effectiveness of it.  What we can tell you is that our Murad Resurgence Reviews have showed us that this product is not for everyone.  For some, it may be the ideal treatment, and depending on your hormonal levels you may find it effective.  But if your hormones are not at a particular level and you are outside of the target consumer, you may find limited results that take time to achieve.

One thing this system does not address is the specific aging around the eye area.  Dark circles under the eye can be particularly troublesome for many people looking for an “all in one” anti aging system like this one.  So, if you are looking for something to really help the dark circles under eyes, you probably want to look elsewhere.  The article in the previous link has some great tips for minor lifestyle changes you can make that will help with those dark circles.

Overall, Murad Resurgence has many positive benefits for your skin.  But if you are looking for the wrinkles and fine lines that you see in the mirror to vanish, there are better suited products on the market.  You can always visit our wrinkle cream comparison chart for more options.Murad Resurgence Reviews