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Menersa Menopause Supplement Product Summary

Menopause is one of the hardest challenges that every woman would have to face in her life. Fortunately, there are things that can be done in order to minimize the Menersa Menopause Supplement Reviewsphysical and emotional damages that this natural body process is known to bring. One of these is to take dietary supplements that can reduce not only the severity of the symptoms, but also their frequency. If you read Menersa Menopause Supplement reviews, you will learn that these are things that the product is claimed to be designed for.

Before you spend money on purchasing these supplements though, it would be wise for you to get to know the product better first. This is what this article was written for – to help consumers like you learn more about the product and assist you in making the best decision.

Menersa Menopause Supplement – What are these?

Menersa Menopause Supplement is a brand of nutritional products that has been developed with the female gender in mind, specifically those who are experiencing the nasty effects of menopause. While some women are lucky enough to experience only mild symptoms, there are still plenty who are plagued by the more severe ones. All in all, this product is marketed towards women who would like to go through the menopausal stage as pain-free as possible.

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Claims Made by the Manufacturer of Menersa Menopause Supplements

If you search for Menersa Menopause Supplement reviews via Google, you will be greeted with nearly 6,000 hits and results. Most of these will tell you how effective the product is, how worthy it is of your time and money, and why it is a great product to invest on.

This is probably brought about by the fact that the manufacturing company has made so many claims about it, including the following:

1.        Menersa can reverse most, if not all of the symptoms associated with menopause.

2.     Taking the product religiously and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations will result in the hormonal levels going back to normal and becoming balanced once again

3.        Healthier sex drive is to be expected

4.        Hot flashes, decrease in energy levels, and mood swings are improved

5.        Tension, irritability, and nervousness are better controlled

6.        Promotes healthier weight loss and management

7.        Is comprised of 100 percent, all natural ingredients

8.        Does not contain artificial hormones or synthetic chemicals that can do more harm than good

9.        The best botanical alternative to chemical-packed nutritional supplements for tackling menopause

There are many other benefits that the Menersa Menopause Supplement is said to deliver to users, such as being a much more effective alternative to the popular Hormone Replacement Therapy.

What Do these Supplements Contain?

For you to understand better whether or not these supplements work, and if they do, how they work, you should know more about the ingredients used in it. Since we know that not all Menersa Menopause Supplement reviews give out these details, we took the time to list them down for you.

•        200 IU of Vitamin D

•        20 mcg of Vitamin K

•        230 mg of Calcium

•        52 mg of Phosphorus

•        550 mg of Red Clove Flower (Powder)

•        250 mg of Red Clover (Powdered Extract)

•        100 mg of Green Tea Leaf (Powdered Extract)

•        100 mg of Guggul Gum Resin (Powdered Extract)

•        75 mg of Chaste Berry (Powder)

•        75 mg of Dong Quai (Powder)

•        62.5 mg of Soy Isoflavones

•        50 mg of Wild Yam (Root Powder)

•        20 mg of Black Cohosh (Root Powder)

•        17.5 mg of Cnidium Monnieri (Fruit Powder)

•        1.5 mg of Black Pepper Extract

Recommended Dosage and Proper Use of the Health Supplements

The recommended dosage of the Menersa Menopause Supplement is to take two tablets, twice a day. It is advisable that you take these before your large meals, preferably once before lunch and just before dinner. Each container comes with 120 tablets, which makes it good for at least one month.

You should also know that the time that it takes for the benefits and the results of taking these nutritional supplements to become noticeable differ from person to person. However, the average is about two weeks from its first use. Just keep in mind though that since women have varying cycles, you may have to wait a little longer before you can start enjoying the good effects brought about by the product.

The Good and the Bad about Estroven

With this Menersa Menopause Supplement review almost complete, let us give you a quick overview of the pros and the cons that we found it to have.


•        Aside from menopausal consumers, the product can also be taken by women who are pre-menopausal or post-menopausal

•        The manufacturer is so confident that it offers a 60-day risk free, money back guarantee

•        The ingredients list is quite remarkable, featuring many ingredients known to combat the negative effects of the menopausal stage

•        The product has shown impressive results in restoring the body’s normal hormonal balance

•    In addition to combatting the effects of menopause, the Menersa Menopause Supplement also provides other health benefits, such as healthier bones and improvements in other health aspects


•        Like most other health supplements, this product is highly unlikely to work for everyone

•        While the ingredients list is definitely extensive and impressive, the likelihood of a consumer developing allergic reactions is higher

•        Considerably pricier compared to other supplements for menopause