Uncover our Top 10 Prostate Supplements for frequent urination. Not sure what supplement to take for your Prostate? Don't just buy the brands from TV. Do your homework and see our top 10 list.

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Consumer Report and Findings on Prostate Revive Supplement

Have you been searching for customer testimonials for or complaints made against prostate health supplements? If such is the case, then you probably have Medix Select Prostate Revive Supplement Reviewsencountered several and Prostate Revive Supplement reviews already. This could have led to you being confused as to who are telling the truth from those that are just hyping up the product or have been paid to ruin the reputation of the brand. Fortunately, you have come to the right website. We here are happy to let you know that this specific entry you are currently reading is a completely honest Prostate Revive Supplement review.

Before we proceed with this review though, let us just give you a quick overview of what prostate health supplements are for and who will benefit from them. Knowing about these things will help you determine if you are a good candidate for investing on such nutritional products.

Supplements Designed for the Health of the Prostate Gland – Why Use Them?

Let’s be honest. As a man ages and reaches the age of 50, his prostate gland becomes subjected to several health risks. A very common problem that affects this particular gland is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, also referred to as BPH for short. This prostate concern is so common that in every 2 men, one gets affected by it. Not only does it affect half of the male population; the symptoms that come along with are also frustrating, embarrassing, and annoying.

Through the use of high quality prostate health supplements though, men who are in their 50s or older will reduce their likelihood of getting BPH or other similar glandular problems. This will then result in them living a healthier life and enjoying overall well-being. So if you are already 50 years old and you do not want to constantly worry about developing such health concerns, now is the best time for you to begin your search for the best prostate supplements. Learn through factual Prostate Revive Supplement reviews like this if it really is one of the top of the line supplements for prostate health available.

An Overview on Medix Select: The Company that Developed this Prostate Health Supplement

Medix Select is a company established, ran, and operated by a team of certified chemists and medical doctors. The products that it has to offer, according to the manufacturers, are all based on scientific formulations and are incorporated only with the highest quality components.  These are all made in the company’s own laboratories based in the United States, which is why they are being touted as some of the safest nutritional and health supplements in the market. In addition, the equipment and the facilities of Medix Select have also been certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

Medix Select Prostate Revive Supplement Reviews

The Prostate Revive Supplement from Medix Select is a nutritional supplement that has been formulated to enhance men’s life by helping them keep their prostate gland healthy and functioning properly. It was designed by David Brownstein, M.D., a renowned holistic physician. It contains fifteen different ingredients, including plant sterols (with beta-sitosterol), pomegranate extract, and saw palmetto among many others. These components have been combined to form a unique formulation that will promote prostate health as well as proper urinary flow and frequency.

According to the manufacturing company, this prostate health supplement can address the following problems:

1.        Extremely frequent or excessive urination

2.        Inability to relieve oneself of urine completely

3.        Multiple visits to the bathroom to urinate, especially at night

4.        Dribbling urine

5.        Leaking urine

6.        Trouble getting a good night rest because of the need to frequently urinate

7.        Hesitant, interrupted, or weak flow of urine

8.        Decreased sexual functioning

Compare Prostate Revive Supplement with the Best Prostate Supplements

The Ingredients and the Nutritional Profile of this Supplement for Prostate Health

It is of utmost importance that when looking up Prostate Revive Supplement reviews, the ones you will read and trust are those that provide details about the ingredients as well as the nutritional profile of this Medix Select product. One of the reasons for this is for you to determine if the claims made by the manufacturer have some truth in them, since the ingredients are largely responsible for the product’s promised benefits. Aside from this, you also do not want to be putting in something into your body containing components that you may be allergic to.

So here are the 15 key ingredients that make up the Prostate Revive Supplement:

1.        Extract of the Saw Palmetto Berry

2.        Extract of the Pomegranate Fruit

3.        Pumpkin Seed Powder

4.        Boswelia Gum Extract

5.        Lycopene

6.        Flower Pollen

7.        Pygeum Africanum Bark

8.        Stinging Nettle Root Powder

9.        Hydrangea Root Powder

10.        Vitamin E

11.        Vitamin D3

12.        Zinc

13.        Copper

14.        Selenium

15.        Plant Sterols with Beta-Sitosterol

Many resources discussing the benefits and the potential drawbacks of these ingredients are available online, so make sure that you spend a little more time researching them as well.

The Good and the Bad

Since we are almost done with this Prostate Revive Supplement review, let us first go through the good and the bad aspects of the product that we think consumers should know about:


•        The ingredient list, which is comprised of the 15 ingredients enumerated above, have shown promising results in clinical tests and scientific research when it comes to improving the health of the prostate gland

•        The doctor who has developed and designed the formula of the product is renowned and has multiple published works and books under his name

•        The prostate health supplement is manufactured in an FDA certified laboratory in the United States


•        With so many ingredients combined together, some may no longer be able to take the product in the event that they are allergic to one of them


We completely understand that many consumers are cautious when it comes to choosing nutritional supplements that are designed to keep the prostate gland healthy and functioning smoothly. This is why even with the numerous Prostate Revive Supplement reviews online, they still hesitate to purchase this product.  However, upon researching this particular product from Medix Select, we found that it is a product worth trying out. Just make sure that if you do, consult your doctor first to make certain you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used.