Don't mess around with the hundreds of neck creams that really don't work. Cut straight to the PREFERRED neck creams of our staff, in the world with this report.

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Mario Badescu Neck Cream Results May Surprise You

One of the most neglected skin regions is that of the neck. Women place a high level of attention to the appearance of age lines in the face.  Experts say that the skin in mario badescu neck creamand around the neck region is just as fragile and sensitive as the face. The neck area is actually more prone to skin damage including sagging and uneven coloration. The changes in skin while we grow older are not at all pleasant as wrinkles, age spots, and rough lines create imprints that are very difficult to remove over time. With these in mind, it becomes a must to place equal priority to purchasing a cream for the neck area.

This article will be all about an exceptional skin product that experts consider it as the best neck firming cream for aging skin. This Mario Badescu Neck Cream Review will discuss everything that you need to know about the product- from ingredients, to usage, and the anti-aging results that you can expect from daily use.

What causes age spots around the neck?

Aside from the development of wrinkles and fine lines, the aging process brings about odd and abnormal redistribution of fats to different areas of the body. Instead of losing fat tissues around the arms, thighs, and abdominal region, women tend to shed excess fats around the eyes, neck, and cheek regions.  The absence of fatty tissues in these areas means decreased support for the skin which eventually leads to skin sagging. Turkey neck or sagging neck skin is very pronounced and its undesirable appearance exacerbated by dryness that becomes more common as we age.

Compare Mario Badescu Neck Cream with The Best Neck Creams

The loss of proteins in the dermal layer also contributes to the development of sagging skin and wrinkles in the neck area. Collagen and elastin production significantly drops as we grow older resulting in decreased elasticity and firmness qualities of the skin. Collagen production results in decreased skin integrity whilst slow elastin production leads to weakened and worn out skin. The combination of skin dryness, unequal fat redistribution, and reduced protein production ultimately results in aged, dull, and wrinkly neck skin.

In addition to these factors, undesirable activities are also known to cause visible appearance of wrinkles around the neck region.

–          Unhealthy eating habits

A diet that lacks food items enriched in healthy fats, antioxidants, and nutrients leads to the appearance of wrinkles as the body lack the elements needed for efficient repair and rejuvenation.

–          Smoking

Smoking is not only good for the respiratory system, but is detrimental to optimum skiin health too. According to studies, smoking reduces collagen production by as much as 40%.

–          Absence of a skin care routine

Cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration are three things that need to be observed to maintain health, ageless skin. The lack of a skin care routine increases the development of wrinkles not only in the face but around the neck region as well.

–          Prolonged sun exposure

Going outdoors and under the sound for extended periods of time will result in in sagging neck skin. Harmful UVB/UVA rays are the number cause of the appearance of skin aging signs.

How to Prevent Sagging and Wrinkled Neck Skin:

There are many approaches to maintaining youthful skin. Skin experts recommend women and even men to follow these simple, but very effective approaches in slowing down the process of skin aging.

–          Balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is undoubtedly a very powerful anti-aging tool as it regular supplies of food items rich in antioxidants and proteins ensure the skin is supplemented with the compounds it need to promote health skin.

–          Increased hydration

By drinking eight glasses of water or more daily, you are sure to keep your skin less susceptible to wrinkles as it skin cells are adequately hydrated. Dehydration is highly evident in dry and aged skin.

–          Proper skin care

The right skin care product will ensure that the skin around the neck is kept firm, moisturized just like your face. The best neck cream on the market, Mario Badescu Neck Cream promises to clear sagging and the appearance of wrinkles in no time.

The neck cream from the house of Mario Badescu is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid all of which function to increased hydration of the neck region. In addition, Vitamin A and Vitamin E derivatives nourish the deeper layers of the skin that results in skin revitalization like no other.

Other ingredients found on Mario Badescu Night Cream are:

–          Rice bran oil

–          Cocoa butter

–          Beeswax

With these compounds, you can see that Mario Badescu was sure to add as much moisturizing agents to stretch and tighten droopy necks as a result of aging.

Skin experts from Mario Badescu recommend the application of Cellufirm Drops or Rose Hips Nourishing Oil before smoothing out the Mario Badescu Night Cream for best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on Mario Badescu Neck Cream reviews, this anti-aging product applies easily onto the skin. It does have a thicker consistency than face cream ensuring that sagging or droopy skin around the neck is remedied in the most efficient and fastest manner as well.

The product comes in the brand’s distinct beauty jars. The packaging is one of the most common complaints from consumers. The active ingredients lose their potency over time due to the packaging. It also becomes messy and unhygienic to dip your fingers inside the jar. Some even report that the formulation eventually lost its power and started emitting undesirable scent due to unhygienic packaging.

In terms of potency in tightening and neck region the Marco Badescu Neck Cream does not disappoint. Although a bit more expensive than over-the-counter anti-aging cream, the results are overwhelmingly positive, that it is but worth its price altogether.

Rose Hip Oil and Cellufirm drops are also available from Mario Badescu and is ideally purchased alongside other anti-aging skin routine as well. The Mario Badescu Night Cream jar at 1.0 ounce can be yours for as low as $18 per piece. Now that is truly a good deal, knowing you are entrusting your skin to one of the best skin experts in the industry!