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LifeExtension Uric Acid Control Reviews and Consumer Product Report

LifeExtension Uric AcidThe LifeExtension Brand has been on the market for years and years.  Their product line is extensive and they offer an herbal alliterative for most health conditions.  Brands like this offer a no nonsense approach to supplements that is well received by experienced consumers, but often times overlooked by more novice supplement users.  We wanted to take the time to do some homework on Uric Acid Control from LifeExtension and share our findings with our readers.

Gout can be a painful and discomfortable thing to deal with.  Most people dealing with a flare up will do just about anything to find some relief.  LifeExtension Uric Acid Control Reviews show that some of their users have found success and were able to minimize the discomfort of regular flare ups.  But how did it compare with the other gout supplements.

LifeExtension Uric Acid Control Reviews

LifeExtension Uric Acid Control uses an ingredient complex pending trademark.  It is based upon an ingredient by the name of Termalia Billerica.  This tree is native to Southeast Asia and its two kinds of fruit can be used in a number of ways.  According to LifeExtension, one of those says it to help control uric acid levels.

This product is fairly well received by its users.  And while there are some reported success stories that can be found online, there is very little information in general.  Perhaps this is not a big seller for LifeExtension and the published consumer response is low.  We hope that this is not an indication that the product was less than expected.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Each bottle of LifeExtension Uric Acid Control contains 60 capsules.  The suggested dosage 1 capsule, taken twice daily for a total of two capsules per day.  Each bottle should last you 30 days with regular use.  This makes the overall cost of using the product about average in this market.

Information Reported Online 

The LifeExtension brand does a good job of making responsible claims about the effectiveness of their products.  Where many companies make ridiculous claims and promises, LifeExtension offers natural solutions for consumers, without the hype and sensationalism.  We respect that approach and give them credit for doing so in an industry filled with deception.

The Uric Acid Control product is fairly well received by those consumers who have used it.  Like we said before there is not a tremendous amount of information reported online but we did find our share of success stories.  There is no question that this product takes a different approach to gout relief than most cherry fruit based formulas.  There is, however, still some questions about whether or not it is as effective in uric acid management.

In a Nut Shell

In general, we like the LifeExtension brand and make recommendations for our readers to examine and use their products.  The product line is extensive and they have a number of options for many health conditions.  If you are considering this product as an option for your gout relief, we would say that you are on the right track with this company, but caution you that there is not much evidence about the ingredients used in this product.

Typically, we like to be able to find more ‘science’ on the ingredients, but that does not mean this product doesn’t work.  We found success stories online and we imagine many more consumers will find relief with it soon.  While we do NOT believe that this is the best gout support supplement, it is far from the worst.  If you are interested in this product, pump the breaks.  Our money would keep up with the research until you have exhausted all leading brands before making any decision.