With so many Omega Supplements on the market, it can confusing to choose the right one. Don't overpay for hyped up TV brands without finding out which ones we like more.

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LifeExtension Super Omega 3 Reviews and Consumer Product Summary

LifeExtension is a brand that you may or may not heard of.  If you are a regular supplement researcher on the LifeExtension Super Omega 3 Reviewsinternet, then you have probably come across their products before.  A solid reputation with a complete line of supplements and vitamins to choose from, LifeExtension has a visible presence in the online supplement world.  We will take a closer look at their Super Omega 3 product and see how it compares with the best in the business.

LifeExtension Super Omega 3 Reviews

Brand reputation is always an important part of the review process for consumers.  Its comforting for many consumers to have heard of the company and seen the brand before they buy a product.  That may have worked a generation ago, but in todays marketplace, it is not always a reliable way to find the best product.

With the ease and availability of the internet, consumers are exposed to a far greater number of brands and therefore must be able to decide between them.  Our reviews and reports are designed to take a closer look for you and summarize all of the information in one big report.

Our research of their website found it to be informative as well as a bit “salesy.”  The product seems to be of decent quality and follows a strict purifying process.  It is approved for sensitive stomachs and the price is competitive within the marketplace.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

LifeExtension understands the value of a concentrated dose.  This product will deliver a strong dose of Fish Oil to your body.  700 mg of EPA and 500 mg DHA is a solid dose that will deliver the results and efficiency you are looking for.  Serving size is 2 soft gels twice daily with meals.  So thats 4 pills per day, not ideal.  Plus each bottle will only last you 30 days which does affect the overall budget more than you may have imagined.

Overall Impression

Overall impression is that this is a good solid dose of Omega 3 from a  decent company with a solid reputation.  The dosage of 4 per day is not ideal and it makes it less affordable than many others on the market, however not outrageous.

If your heart is set on using LifeExtension products, then proceed with this one you will be pleased.  If you have an open mind on the topic, there are plenty of others that offer more concentrated doses, for a better price.  If interested you can check out the comparison charts and other consumer resource tools.