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Everybody sweats. It may be unpleasant, but it’s necessarily part of life.Best In Class: Natural Underarm Deodorant

There are many products on the market to help eliminate the odor (deodorant) as well as control the sweating (antiperspirants).

It’s common to see aluminum as an active ingredient in deodorants/antiperspirants. Aluminum blocks sweat gland production.  Some reports have linked aluminum to various cancers, although that claim has not been substantiated by the FDA.

However, there is an increasing consumer demand for finding natural deodorants or deodorants without aluminum.

But natural underarm deodorants that do not have aluminum typically contain plant-based ingredients and essential oils. They are typically free of aluminum and other harsh chemicals. They are also typically free of parabens. And instead combat odor using essential oils

One such unique deodorant in its application is Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream.

lavilin natural deodorant cream






A “single application” eliminates odor for up to 7 days. Odor protection is achieved with a proprietary combination of natural herbs without harsh chemicals, aluminum, alcohol or parabens.

About The Company
Lavilin is a leading international cosmeceutical company with distinct therapeutic value which act in harmony with the human body. Lavilin possesses full in-house capabilities for research, development and production. All ingredients certified by the Personal Care Products Council (CTFA certified). For nearly a decade, Lavilin has been ISO certified (ISO 9001:2000 standard). As a matter of company philosophy, products are not tested on animals. Lavilin originally developed its innovative natural deodorant nearly 30 years ago with the premise of rather than masking underarm odor, it was more effective to target and neutralize the odor causing bacteria with natural plant oils. All Lavilin products use plant extracts and never use aluminum or alcohol.

What We Like

The Application. It’s unique. It’s a cream, which makes sense as it’s going on your skin. It must be applied using your fingers and rubbing it onto your underarm skin. So you will have to wash your hands afterwards. Your underarm has skin just like the rest of your body, and actually pretty sensitive.

Think about it… especially you ladies.  You shave your underarms several times a week, which really exfoliating the skin in that area, leaving the skin sensitive and vulnerable to harsh chemicals. What you put on top of that skin next is critical. Most people moisturize their body’s skin with cream, not spray (with drying alcohol-base), or aluminum-based solids or a slimy roll on.

It’s recommended to apply Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream at night. You simply shower, apply (rub in thoroughly so there’s no residue), and go to sleep. The next day you awake and are good to go about your daily life odor free.

Several days may go by before you notice an ‘odor’ and need to reapply the cream. And you do not have to reapply after underarm shaving.

Based on research, it appears most users experience odor protection on average for about 3-5 days, although some users mentioned one application lasted them 1-month or longer.

0% aluminum. 0% alcohol. Hypo-allergenic. Since the deodorant cream is aluminum free, there’s no risk for clogged pores. And because there’s no harsh chemicals, this deodorant is ideal for sensitive or delicate skin and less likely to cause rashes or breakouts. This is not an antiperspirant, it does not stop sweating, but it will stop odor.

Cruelty-Free.  Lavilin does not test its products on animals, which is another bonus for consumers who are conscious about looking for ‘cruelty free’ products.

Unisex.  Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream works for both men and women. The smell is ‘fresh’, not perfumey.

Effectiveness. If you’re active, no worries. Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream will work all day whether you’re at the office, at the beach, or in the gym. Bathing, swimming, high humidity or strenuous work outs will not decrease its effectiveness.

Proven. According to Lavilin’s website, results have been evaluated and based on extensive testing at a leading international research center.

And bonus… one application lasts much longer than standard solid, spray or roll on deodorants. Up to one week! That’s a time and money saver right there. And you don’t have to reapply after you shave under your arms.


Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil & Hydrogenated Castor Oil & Copernica Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Zinc Oxide, Potato Starch (modified), Talc (pharma), Triethyl Citrate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Glycine Soya, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lactose, Milk Protein, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Fragrance, O-Cymen-5-Ol.

Zinc oxide and some of calendula, arnica, and vitamins E and C have anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties. Zinc oxide tends to display water-proof qualities, which explains why it’s used in many sunscreens.

Price and Buying:
$17. Learn more or buy this product at Lavilin.com.

1 jar contains 12.5 grams of deodorant cream

In a Nut Shell

After close examination, we feel that Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream is not only a good deal for the cost (as it saves consumers time and money), but it also saves the integrity of your skin and promotes overall body health (being aluminum free) – all while eliminating odor. After you apply the underarm cream, you can feel confident under most any circumstance, activity level, or environment that even if you can’t control you’re sweating, you can naturally control the odor. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.