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Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry Report and Findings

Wrinkles and fine lines are two of the most common triggers for women to scour stores and beauty counters for the best anti-aging cream. Younger and smoother skin lancome regenerie lift volumetry reviewsare all what women want in their 30s and onwards. Aging gracefully means embracing the process, but managing skin imperfections with clinically proven skincare products from reputable beauty companies.  Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry is one product which has successfully met the standards of the beauty industry. As one of the biggest skincare companies around, Lancome is yet set to empower women with a one-of-a-kind formula clinically proven to diminish wrinkles fast and easy. It promises to bring the best anti-aging and firming ingredients with the use of cutting-edge technology for fast delivery to problem areas.

This Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry review will enumerate all the unique and remarkable features of this anti-aging product. In addition, we will throw in crucial information based on Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumerty from consumers and skin experts who had the opportunity to try out this cream for a few weeks.

What is Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry?

The Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry cream is actually part of the skincare giant’s GF-Volumetry range. This collection focuses on treating skin problems with the creation of formulas that are known to restore the skin’s equilibrium by means of regulating cellular communication factors. Aside from its re-contouring and lifting benefits, Lancome Renegerie Lift Volumetry cream aims to slim down the jawline by re-shaping the facial oval by renewing lost volume and successful cheek remodelling. The lifting and shaping cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, thus bringing immediate anti-aging results. The luxurious cream leaves the skin feeling soft and silky for many hours.

The Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry Collection is essentially made up of six skincare products namely:

–        Regenerie Lift Volumetry Advanced Lifting Beauty Lotion

–        Lifting and Shaping Day Cream

–        Morphplift NUIT R.A.R.E

–        Lifting and firming eye serum

–        Lifting and firming eye cream

–        Regenerie Lift Vilumetry Advanced Lifting and Shaping Serum

In addition to managing cellular communication, the GF-Volumetry Complex also targets growth factors which support the structure of the skin. Combines with advanced R.A.R.E Technology that also supports the collagen network and the connective tissues. These technologies found in the Regenerie Lift skincare products improve facial angle visibility by 8 degrees in just a matter of 4 weeks.

Key Ingredients

The three key ingredients that make Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry primarily protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. Take note that the skin’s natural enemy is the sun. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun destroys skin cells, making them dry, wrinkly, and unhealthy looking. Avobenzone, Octocrylene,, and Octisalate are ingredients that give up to SPF 15 for the lifting and shaping cream.

Compare Lancome Regenerie with the Top Lifting and Firming Creams

The anti-aging component of the formula comes from the following ingredients:


Glycerin basically delivers high levels of moisture by attracting water to the skin. It also aids in increasing the function of skin lipids which in turn functions maintain optimum hydration levels on different layers of the skin.

Yeast Extract

Rejuvenates the skin with its anti-aging ingredients namely peptides, enzymes, and amino acids.

Hydrolysed Linseed Extract

This ingredient is rich in Omega 3-fatty acids, a nutrient that helps in destroying free radicals that increase as we age,

Argania Spinosa Kernal Extract

This antioxidant boasts dueal function as it controls sebum production that fight off greasy-looking skin as well as eradicate free radicals for de-ageing.

Vigna Acontifolia Seed Extract

This ingredient stimulates collagen production by improving the skin’s renewal and growth rate.

Benefits of Using Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry Products

Based on anti-aging reviews, Lancome presents a host of advantages that no other de-ageing brand can offer:

–        The fact that this skincare collection is manufactured by an established skincare brand ensures clients they are getting a high-quality product every time

–        The rich, luxurious cream goes on smoothly, thus making the skin look plumper and smoother a few minutes after application

–        The Lancome Regenerie Lift skincare lines cater to different skin types. In  fact these skincare offerings come in two basic formulations namely for normal to dry skin as well as normal to combination skin

–        Given that the day cream contains SPF15, you get broad-spectrum sunscreen protection, an element that your skin needs to slow down the process of aging

If there is any drawback to this skincare line, most Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry reviews from consumers only complain about their price. These products can only be purchased separately and in full-size packaging. If you haven’t tried using Lancome products yet, or have recorded irritation from skincare products manufactured by Lancome, it may be wise to check with your doctor for sensitivity and allergic issues.

With continued use, the Lancome Regenerie Volumetry promises to lift and reshape your skin, making it look and feel younger for many years to come.

There are many stores that sell the skincare products under the Regenerie Lift Volumetry collection. Most of them can be purchased in popular beauty counters at Macy’s and Nordstrom to name a few. The Lancome website also sells Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry skin care. According to Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry reviews by consumers, a 1.7 oz of formula retails between $70 up to $100. You can save if you are to purchase from the company’s official website. There are also third-party resellers but make sure to check the reputation of the websites as well as feedbacks from fellow consumers too. Due to the potency of Lancome Regeneric Lift Volumetry, there are counterfeit skincare posing to the real thing. Do not be fooled and purchase from authorized dealers only!

Based on customer reviews for Lancome Regenerie Lift Volumetry, the skincare creams feature even and rich consistency. They are absorbed easily on the skin, thus leaving the skin smoother than ever.  In terms of results, only a small portion of consumers are satisfied with the minimal sagging from using this skincare product.