Our 10 Favorite Joint and Hip Soft Chews

Trying to find the right Joint and Hip Soft Chews? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Joint Max Soft Chews Reviews and Informational Product Report

Fight stiff joints and achy muscles for your canine friend! Joint Max Soft Chews does that specifically for older and sicker dogs with severe arthritis-Joint Max Soft Chews Reviewslike conditions. While these animals are less likely to run a mile, Joint Max can help making daily activities easier. It works like a magical wand of nutrients that regrow cartilage and keeps them working for your dog. They are also gentle enough to use together with prescription medicine (but as always, consult your vet)!

Severe joint disease are caused by changes in the body that cause deterioration of organs and tissue over time and should not be taken lightely! Dogs that are prone to joint, cartilage and bone diseases are generally older and larger dogs – the greater the risk of stress on the body due to aging bones, nutrition deficiency, and weight problems. In addition, some breeds are simply more prone to specific diseases.

Before heading to the vet for a surgical procedure that will be painful and require recovery time, try giving your pet Joint Max Soft Chews.

Joint Max Soft Chews Reviews

Joint Max Soft Chews are long term, flavored, medicated treats for both dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. These treats also come in double and triple strength doses, for dogs only. They are used to ease joint pain and increase movement while also improving skin and fur health.

Regular and double strength treats contain the same ingredients but different strengths. Triple strength chews contain additional ingredients that make them the chew for dogs with advanced joint disease.

What are the main ingredients in Joint Max Soft Chews?

The main ingredients are:
1. Glucosamine
2. Chondroitin
3. Zinc
4. Vitamin C

Triple strength chews contain these ingredients but also have:
1. MSM
2. EPA
3. DHA
4. Creatine
5. Manganese
6. N-acetyl-cysteine

Glucosamine: This is a sugar molecule that is primarily responsible for synthesizing certain proteins and lipids in the body. In many organisms, glucosamine is responsible for creating the protective outer shell or exoskeleton. In mammals, in this case dogs, this molecule supports joint health by strengthening tissue and therefore reducing cartilage deterioration.

Chondroitin: A sugar chain created in the body that is a major component of cartilage tissue that keeps it flexible and strong.

Zinc: A required mineral in mammals. In dogs, zinc is an important nutrient for skin and hair. It also has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C: Studies show that dogs can actually produce vitamin C in their bodies, however stress can lead to rapid depletion. This includes physical stress. Addition of Vitamin C therefore helps aid immune system health while also relieving pain, repairing tissue, and acting as an anti-oxidant, combating free radicals.

MSM: This is an abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane. The full name may be useful to scientists for understanding the chemical composition, however for the purpose of this review, MSM works fine. This is a chemical naturally occurring in all organisms but can also be created in vitro. It contains dietary sulfur that works to keep cell membranes healthy, affecting muscles and joints.

EPA and DHA: These are two omega-3 fatty acids that come from fish oil. These oils reduce inflammation by inhibiting the breakdown of cartilage tissue by enzymes. It inhibits enzyme interaction. It is also helps improve the health of skin, nails, and immune system health.

Creatine: Recognized as a major ingredient in energy and protein shakes. It is naturally occuring in many protein sources and boosts strength and energy while increasing bone and muscle density. This supplement can therefore indirectly support and improve joint functions.

Manganese: A mineral that is also an important nutrient for healthy bones and connective tissue, as well as aiding in blood clotting and absorbing calcium. Research has also led to the belief that Manganese may increase the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine: Is a chemically altered form of cycsteine, an amino acid. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.

Recommended Dosage and Storage

Doses and frequency depend on the weight of the animal.

Regular Strength Tablets:
Under 10lbs: Take one tablet in the morning
10-24lbs: Take one tablet in the morning and one at night.
25-50lbs: Take two tablets in the morning and two at night

Double Strength Tablets:
25-49lbs: One tablet to be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening
50-100lbs: Two tablets should be taken in the morning and one in the evenings
Over 100lbs: Two tablets in the morning and two in the evenings

Triple Strength Tablets: Triple Strength Joint Max should only be administered once daily. The doses below are for one time a day, which can be in the morning or at night.

Up to 15lbs: half a tablet daily
15 to 30lbs: one tablet daily
30-60lbs: two tablets daily
60-100lbs: four tablets daily
Over 100lbs: five tablets daily

Customer Reviews

They ranked 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and most pet owners found that these chewy treats worked. There were comments about marked improvement in their dogs mobility and energy levels. Most of the problems seemed to come from upset stomach with dogs that took the triple strength chews. Also some owners did not prefer ordering treats online.


Joint Max Soft Chews are a great option for dogs of all sizes. The three strengths help target minor problems and highly developed arthritic issues, while also acting to prevent joint problems. The fact that they may be used in conjunction with veterinarian prescribed medicine is another win-win. They are also relatively reasonably prices, between $20 and $30.

It is important to remember to always consult a vet before taking medicine or combining with other medicine. Some dogs will also need to pair these effects of these treats with exercise and weight management dieting. In a few cases surgical procedures may be required to treat bone and joint diseases. As always, consult a professional for the best methods to keep your dog healthy and happy.