Sick of the marketing hoopla? Cut straight to the 10 joint pain supplements our Staff Prefers, with our List of approved joint pain supplements.

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A Closer Look at Joint Juice the Joint Pain Supplement

If you already have a medical condition that affects your joints, then thinking about join health and care should be at the top-of-mind for your lifestyle and daily routine. joint juice reviewsAnd if you insist on having an active lifestyle, then it’s important that your supplement for joints be as easy to use as possible.

So forget your capsules, lozenges, and pills. You should try Joint Juice, the drinkable joint health and care solution.

Three Ways to Help your Joints

Many Joint Juice reviews talk about the Joint Juice ingredients. However, let’s talk about how different Joint Juice is, by showing the options you have for taking it in.

Powdered Juice Solution

One way to take Joint Juice is to mix a powdered juice solution with water, and then you can drink your joint care solution anywhere you are.

Liquid Concentrate

If you don’t feel like using a powdered form, there is also a liquid concentrate version for Joint Juice. This version is usually suggested for mixing with other health drinks or adding to your favorite juice drinks.

Classic Juice Form

If you still want the classic taste and feel of the best supplement for joints, then Joint Juice is available with all the powerful joint juice ingredients in its classic drink form, perfect for refreshing your body and taking care of your joint health concerns.

Joint Juice Ingredients

Joint Juice reviews are quick to point out that it has some of the best ingredients for promoting joint health, and, if you already have a medical condition, these same ingredients can also delay or minimize your joint damage, and can even heal minor joint issues.


Glucosamine is a chemical compound that helps keep cartilage sheathes in the joints healthy. This is an important ingredient in Joint Juice. Glucosamine levels tend to drop in the human body as a person gets older. It is also known to minimize pain in mild to moderate osteoarthritic knee conditions, and is believed to bring pain relief in other joints. In fact, many other bone- or joint-related conditions such as chronic low back pain, TMJ problems, and sports injuries can also be helped by glucosamine-strengthened joint supplements.

Glucosamine has no natural food sources, though it is usually extracted from the outer shells of shellfish for supplements. You should check with your doctor if you have a known allergy to seafood.

Compare Joint Juice to the Best Joint Supplements


Chondroitin naturally occurs in the connective tissues of people and animals, and is a popular treatment for people with osteoarthritis. It is believed to relieve pain in the joint, while at the same time increasing joint articulation. A secondary effect is that people who take it tend to require fewer painkillers for their joint issues. Given that chondroitin is found in bone gristle and connective tissue, it’s no surprise that it’s heavily involved in the production of healthy cartilage. Combined with glucosamine, chondroitin is a perfect joint repair and strengthening solution.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the bone-strengthening ingredient for Joint Juice. It’s well established that Vitamin D and its variants help the body absorb calcium faster, so that it can be used in the formation of stronger bones, as well as repairing any damage done to the bone structures in joints.

A new development concerning Vitamin D3 is that it also apparently minimizes or even removes chronic joint pain if taken regularly. Many Vitamin D3 users have said that they needed far less painkillers when they replenished their body’s required levels of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, at first glance, doesn’t seem to be an important ingredient when it comes to a supplement for joints. However, Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that can remove free radicals from joints, which can lessen chances of inflammation. If you combine this with Vitamin C’s other health benefits, and it’s only logical that it should be used in a joint supplement drink.

On the other side of Vitamin C’s effects, it is also integral to the creation of collagen, which is necessary in joint and bone structures. The more Vitamin C there is (within reason) in your body, the better your body will be able to repair your affected joints.

Lifestyle changes that can make you a Joint Juice Success Story

While Joint Juice is intrinsically designed for an active lifestyle, it’s important that we do implement lifestyle changes that can maximize Joint Juice’s effects on our body.

Watch What You Eat

When it comes to your diet, you should consult with your doctor or dietician what food types you need to eat to ingest nutrients that can help your body rebuild your affected joints. Combined with the Joint Juice ingredients, you can definitely have a good chance of minimizing or even healing minor joint issues, so you can have a more active, quality-filled life.

Stretch your Joints

When exercising, you should confer with your trainer and see what exercise routines can help make your affected joints more limber. You should also pay close attention to stretching exercises, so your joints won’t be traumatized by sudden, intense movements. This will also minimize further damage to your joints, as well as encourage your body to rebuild some parts of your joints as a reaction to your exercises.

You should also have a bottle of Joint Juice ready before you exercise, so your body can quickly send the needed joint juice ingredients to the proper places in your body.

Heavy isn’t just a State of Mind

You may not read this in many Joint Juice reviews, but one important thing that you have to do is stabilize your weight within the accepted range for your height and build. Being overweight can and will add more strain to your load-bearing joints, such as your hips, knees, and ankles. Even worse, added weight can also change the balance of your body, and this can put a strain on other areas, such as your spine or your shoulders. All these issues can lead to joint issues and injuries.

If you think that you need a cool and tasty solution for your joint care situation, all you have to do is grab some Joint Juice so you can keep your joints healthy. In addition, if your joints already have some issues, Joint Juice can help you minimize, or even repair your joint problems, but dont expect miracles like with our top rated joint supplement.