Everywhere from a few bucks to hundreds, Moisturizers have become the largest market in skin care. Cut to the cream of the crop and identify the 10 that our staff favors over the rest.

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Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion Report and Reviews

A lot of people think that men, unlike women, are not that concerned about their health and their overall appearance. This is definitely stereotypical thinking – men are jack black cool moisture body lotionjust as cautious and concerned about their health and appearance as women. This is the main reason as to why the number of companies manufacturing skin care products for men has grown. One such manufacturer is Jack Black, the company behind the development of the Cool Moisture Body Lotion.

If you are interested in investing your money on products that will help you improve not only the overall look but also the health of your skin, it is recommended that you read as many body lotion reviews as you can. This will give you a clearer idea as to which products are really the best body lotions for men. So in this Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion reviews, we aim to provide you with as much information about the product as we can to assist you in making the right decision.

A Quick Overview on the Company behind this Body Lotion

The Cool Moisture Body Lotion is a product offered by the health and beauty company known as Jack Black. If you visit the website of this company, you will learn that its skin care product line is specifically marketed towards the male gender. According to the company, all of its products only make use of the best and highest quality ingredients, such as plant extracts, botanical plants, and herbs. These ingredients are then said to be combined with the latest in technological advancements, a process that supposedly provides users with only the best results.

The Claims Made by the Manufacturer about this Product

Now that you know the story of Jack Black, let us take a look at the various claims that the company has made regarding its body lotion. According to the developers of this product for the use of men, it has the following qualities and capabilities:

  1. Lightweight and quick-penetrating formula
  1. Helps in nourishing the skin while it hydrates and soothes
  1. Contains special ingredients known for their calming, cooling, and refreshing effects
  1. Features that make the product perfect for after-shower, -sports, or –workout application
  1. Non-greasy and non-sticky
  1. Clean and natural-smelling

What Goes into Every Bottle of this Particular Body Lotion?

Possibly the main reason as to why you will find a lot of raving Cool Moisture Body Lotion reviewsis because of the impressive number of beneficial ingredients it contains. These include the following:

  • Soy Protein – Soy protein, as the name already suggests, is a type of protein derived from soy beans. It is known for its effective moisturizing and anti-aging properties. People who have dry and rough skin can benefit from its use, as it has been proven to have smoothening and softening effects while also evening out the overall tone of the skin.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin Eis known for its amazing skin benefits, especially since it is a very potent anti-oxidant. It relieves the body of free radicals, lubricates the skin, creates a protective layer on the skin, helps in cell renewal, and delays the onset of premature skin aging.
  • Jojoba – Jojoba oilis now increasing in popularity, especially in the skin care industry because of many reasons. Its main properties include being an effective anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, and acne treatment.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil – Macadamia nut oilhas an impressive fatty acid profile, which consists of palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. These three work in conjunction to help relieve skin aging symptoms and moisturize the skin while also helping prevent water loss.
  • Glycerin – When you compare ingredients found in skin care products, you will be surprised at just how many (almost all) of them contain glycerine. This is because of the simple fact that it benefits the skin in a multitude of ways, including being an effective treatment for acne, skin infections, and other skin problems, as well as helping fight off various signs of skin aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Compare Jack Black with the Best Body Lotions

The product has a few more other ingredients, but the five mentioned above are the key players.

Recommended Usage and Application

The Cool Moisture Body Lotion from Jack Black is very easy to use. You just have to apply a generous amount to any part of your body and massage until the lotion has been absorbed by the skin. Be particular with the roughest and driest skin parts, including the elbows, the knees, and the feet. You can use it after taking a shower or whenever your skin feels dry. To enjoy the maximum moisturizing benefits of the lotion, you should apply it to slightly moist skin (like the state your skin is after taking a shower).

Rundown of the Pros and Cons of this Body Lotion

Before we end this Cool Moisture Body Lotion review, let us just go through the pros and cons of the product one more time.


o   Contains an impressive set of ingredients that have been tried, tested, and proven to be beneficial on the skin

o   Has a cooling, calming, and soothing effect that is noticeable just a few minutes after application

o   Is non-sticky and non-greasy

o   Is easily absorbed by the skin

o   Does not leave any ‘icky’ feeling

o   Has a nice smell


o   Price may be a little too high for some consumers

Our Final Verdict

As you can see, there is only one ‘drawback’ to the Cool Moisture Body Lotion, which is basically its price. However, if you take into consideration all of its benefits, you will realize that this disadvantage is easily outweighed by all the good the product brings. Always keep in mind that in the skin care market, you get what you pay for, and paying a little bit of extra money for this very nice product is a worthy investment. With all the benefits it can bring to consumers, we can safely say that it is indeed one of the best body lotions for men available in the market today.