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Integrative Therapeutics AM PM Menopause Formula Product Report

Menopause is a problem that all women will eventually go through. What makes it such a big problem isn’t the idea, really of finally passing on from the time of Integrative Therapeutics AM/PM Menopause Formula Reviewsmotherhood to wisdom. The issue here is how the body reacts to that shift in a woman’s life. Because the body no longer had to follow a fertility cycle, levels of estrogen will begin to drop. In addition, with this drop in hormone levels come many medical issues that can be uncomfortable, if not psychologically and physically problematic for women. This is the reason why treatment for menopause is very important.

The signs of Menopause

Although menopause has many symptoms, the most common is known as getting hot flashes – and after that, it’s about having radical mood swings. The problem here is that hot flashes can be a problem for a woman’s composure, as everything suddenly feels too hot (hence the term). What happens next is that the woman will start sweating profusely, and this can end up practically drenching her in sweat. If it happens at night, it is known as the night sweats.

As for mood swings, this can be a horrible, horrible situation, as women can end up snapping and having an outburst at virtually anyone or anything.

Traditional Solutions

There have been many approaches for non-hormonal menopause treatment. These include vitamin supplements, and tablets that address the very symptoms themselves, becoming specific menopause remedies. However, one specific medical solution has a unique approach to the issue, by separating the special ingredients for handling signs of menopause into two separate tablets, one to be taken in the morning, and one for the night. It’s from Integrative Therapeutics, and is known as the AM/PM Menopause formula.

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AM/PM Menopause Formula

The Integrative Therapeutics AM PM Menopause Formula reviews all focus on this interesting separation of the ingredients. The fact is, it makes a lot of sense, as some ingredients for menopause treatment are better taken in the morning, and some better at night.

Here is how the AM/PM Menopause Formula divides the special ingredients:


Green tea extract – This helps with bone density, heart health, and medical support for the cognitive faculties. Green tea is also known to rev up the metabolism a bit, making it perfect as a “morning medicine.”

Ginseng extract – Ginseng extract helps women in three ways when it comes to concerns about menopause. The first way is that it helps regulate hot flashes, so that it will happen less often. Another way is that it helps regulate sleep cycles, so that once women are awake, they will be wide awake, and once they are primed to sleep, that they will not feel bouts of insomnia. The last way is that ginseng extract helps to attenuate mood swings, so that people won’t be so erratic when their hormonal levels are not balanced.


Valerian – This plant extract helps people sleep more soundly at night. This solves the problem that many menopausal women have: occasional to frequent bouts of insomnia. The good news is, the more that a person can get good sleep, the more that the other symptoms of menopause will be minimized.

Hops – There is growing evidence that hops also provide chemicals that can minimize not only hot flashes, but also mood swings and insomnia.

L-Theanine – This extract has an effect the opposite of ingesting tea. Rather than helping people stay awake, L-Theanine makes people go into a state of relaxation easier. Combined with valerian and hops, this makes the evening pill a perfect medical encouragement for women to sleep – and it can even override the menopausal symptoms that can cause insomnia and irritability that will lead to a lack of sleep.

Both AM and PM pills:

Black cohosh – Black cohosh is part of the medicinal traditions of the Native Americans, as even then in the past, it was known as an effective herbal treatment for menopause. This is the main ingredient that makes it possible for the suppression of hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. All the other ingredients for both the AM and PM pills are geared more towards the time of the day when the body will be absorbing the ingredients.

This is the reason why the AM pill has menopause remedies that can also render people active and alert, while the PM pill is more of a treatment for menopause that also relaxes people, making them more conducive to falling asleep. A word of warning: because of this division of the various ingredients, it’s a good idea not to operate heavy machinery or even use mechanical tools that can conceivably injure you once you taken the PM pill for the night.

Other ways that can help your AM PM Menopause Formula pills

Now, even if you are drinking medicine that can help with the signs of menopause, what is important it to also do some other activities and follow new lifestyles that can make sure that you won’t end up just letting all the great ingredients accumulate in your body.

1) Exercising – The most important thing about exercising is that it helps you body remain loose and supple in terms of joint and muscular health, while at the same time you can improve your cardiovascular strength and limits. Also, by exercising, you can make your body work more to put nutrients in the right places in your body. This is rather important, as it will make sure that all the special ingredients will go to the right places in your body, so that the signs of menopause will be minimized.

2) Diet – Diet is always important to people, and in the case of menopause, that means that you have to eat more plants and other kinds of food that can help substitute for or normalize your hormonal levels.

3) Stress – Finally, it’s important to remove stress from your life – as much of it as possible – so that your mood swings and hot flashes won’t be triggered by psychological pressure brought about by stress.