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Summary and Findings Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift

Are you aware of the fact that there are now cosmetic products in the market that claims they have the power to give your face a lift without having to undergo surgical hydroxatone instant face lift reviewprocedures? That’s right. With so many people wanting to look their best at all times but are afraid of cosmetic surgeries, skin care companies have taken this as an opportunity to develop products that are said to have the same effects. One such product is the Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift. Learn more about this product by reading honest Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift reviews much like this one we have written.

A Quick Overview on the Company behind this Serum-Gel

Getting to know the company behind a particular product is of utmost importance, since you would want to learn whether it can be trusted or not. Since our goal is to provide you with useful reviews of these so-called skin lifting products, we always make it a point to give a short history lesson on their manufacturers.

The company that is responsible for the creation of this serum-gel is Atlantic Coast Media Group. Hydroxatone is actually the name of the product range, which includes the Instant Face Lift. Founded and established back in 2005 by Thomas Shiple and Andrew Surwilo, the company has been able to obtain 50,000 plus likes on the popular social media networking site Facebook, an impressive feat for a small skin care and cosmetic range. The range is mostly comprised of products formulated with anti-aging components, but make up items are also available.

The Claims Made by the Manufacturer about this Product

So what is so special about the Hydroxatone products, in particular, the Instant Face Lift, that has many consumers raving about it online? According to Atlantic Media Coast, the reason as to why there are plenty of positive Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift reviews and why it is considered to be one of the best skin lifting products in the market is because of its effectiveness.

The manufacturing company claims that the Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift is a very investment-worthy serum-gel because of the following reasons:

1.        Brings dramatic change in the appearance of the face through a non-surgical face lift

2.        Offers women with the opportunity to enhance their overall appearance with just a topical application that is a lot safer than a traditional face lift

3.        Delivers significant effects on reducing the appearance of a variety of skin aging signs, including wrinkles

4.        Makes use of a powerful formula that lifts sagging skin, making it look younger and fresher

5.        Plumps, tones, and tightens the skin, giving it a more lifted, re-sculpted, and firm look

6.        Also helps improve the natural collagen production of the body

Compare Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift with the Best Instant Lift Serums

What Goes into Every Bottle of this Particular Serum-Gel?

To find out if there is any morsel of truth in these claims made by Atlantic Media Coast, you should take the time to be educated on the ingredients that go into every package of the product. Since our goal is to make individuals become better consumers and wiser shoppers, we have included a list of the key ingredients in this unbiased Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift review.

•        Acetyl Hexapeptitde-8 – Helps eliminate the effects of repetitive facial expressions, such as lines and wrinkles

•        Alfalfa Extract – This natural plant extract has benefits similar to Retinol; it helps improve the overall appearance of skin that has been affected by various aging symptoms

•        Ascorbyl Palmitate, Retinyl Palmitate, and Tocopheryl Acetate – Contains a variety of Vitamins known for their anti-oxidant properties as well as other health benefits (Vitamins A, C, and E)

•        Ceramide 2, Aloe Bardabensis Leaf Juice – Promotes better skin health by nourishing, hydrating, and soothing it

•        Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate – Has an impressive filling effect that aids in the reduction of wrinkles and lines over time

•        Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 – Boosts the natural production of collagen over time

•        Purified Marine Microalgae Extract – According to the manufacturer, this ingredient works by forming a ‘tightening micro-mesh matrix’ once it comes into contact with the skin, which results in its tightening and toning up; it also helps lessen the look of wrinkles and lines just after the first use while also promoting increased skin elasticity over time

Rundown of the Pros and Cons of this Serum-Gel

Of course, all Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift reviews should include a rundown of all the pros and cons the product has. This will give readers a much clearer idea on whether or not it really is one of the top skin lifting products available as of today. Since we want our very own Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift review to be as complete as possible, we have also included a list of the good and the bad that we found this particular product to have.


o        Has an immediate hydrating effect on the skin

o        Takes just a few minutes to brighten the appearance of the skin after its application

o        The concentration level of the ingredients is quite impressive

o        The company itself offers excellent customer support services

o        Comes with a money back guarantee


o        The Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift is quite on the expensive side, for a price of $55

o        The replenishment methods of the product do not fare well, with its effects not being visible until about a few weeks, even several months

o        The product is quite hard to find

Our Final Verdict

One of the things that we found about this product is that there are just a few Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift reviews found online. And some of those are not really that comprehensive and complete. This is possibly because of the fact that the product is not that widely available, unlike its other competitors. So hopefully, this Hydroxatone Instant Face Lift review that we came up with will help you learn more about the serum-gel and if it is the perfect match for all your needs. If you do not have any problems waiting for some time before you see results and if you do not mind paying for the price, it is worth trying out.