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Consumer Report of Healthy Bones Plus Reviews

As we age, the quality of our bones deteriorates primarily due to the aging process. In order to fight against bone loss, weakness, and reduced bone density, we need to Healthy Bones Plus Reviewssupplement balanced diet and exercise with a product that is enriched with calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals that play crucial roles in keeping healthy and strong bones. Healthy Bones Plus is a supplement that was designed to increase bone health. With positive Healthy Bone Plus reviews from customers through the years, it is no doubt that this is one of the most potent bone supplements in the market today.

Natural Factors Healthy Bones Overview

This kit claims to contain all the right ingredients to promote not only strong, but highly flexible bones. This bone aid is equipped with ch-OSA Adbanced Collagen Generator to further boost bone strength and bone density despite irreversible aging. With regular supplementation, Healthy Bones Plus promises to deliver the following outcomes:

–        Improved bone mineral density

–        Increase in the number of bone calcium binding sites

–        Generation of bone-cushioning collagen

–        Reduces the risk of both men and women in developing osteoporosis

–        Increased bone flexibility

The Healthy Bones Plus Kit from Natural Factors feature two products namely:

–        Bone Mineralizer Matrix with 120 tablets

–        Bone Collagenizer Matrix with 40 capsules

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Functions of Healthy Bones Plus Supplements

–        Improvement on Calcium Binding Sites

Bone collagen functions to provide binding sites for calcium. Calcium needs to bind to collagen in order to become a part of the bone matrix. Age-related loss of collagen results in diminished calcium concentration as well as reduction on bone mineral density. Health Bones Plus is clinically proven to produce bone collagen which then increases overall bone density.

–        Increase Vital Bone Flexibility

Bone collagen offers the bones flexibility as evidenced by its ability to control and withstands stress from different types of physical impact. By increasing bone collagen formation, not only are bones stronger, but they become more flexible too.

–        Significant Improvement on Bone Strength

A healthy skeletal structure is not only tough but is highly flexible too. The total strength of the bones is determined by ideal levels of both calcium and collagen. Healthy Bones plus contains the right dosages of these nutritents, both of which are essential to strong, healthy bones.

–        Delivers Highly Absorbable Calcium

Natural Factors Healthy Bones Plus is guaranteed to contain high levels of premium-quality calcium and Vitamin D3. It features key transporters that guarantee optimal delivery of nutrients from the bloodstream to the bone matrix.

Directions for Use

–        Take 3 tablets of Healthy Bones Plus Mineralizer Matrix twice daily

–        Take 2 capsules of Healthy Bones Plus Collagenizer once daily

Formula Ingredients

–        Vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin at 50 mcg

–        Vitamin K2 as MK-7 at 25 mcg

–        Silicon as choline-stabilized orthosilicic at 6 mg

–        Choline at 120 mg

–        Inositol at 300 mg

–        Vitamin C at 100 mg

–        Vitamin D3 at 2000 IU

–        Vitamin K1 at 75 mcg

–        Folic Acid at 800 mcg

–        Calcium at 1000 mg

–        Magnesium at 500 mg

–        L-lysine at 100 mg

This calcium supplement offering from Natural Factors is free of the following substances:

–        No wheat

–        No eggs

–        No dairy

–        No fish

–        No shellfish

–        No peanuts

–        No corn

–        No artificial coloring or flavoring

–        No preservatives

Although this product is rich in nutrients, Healthy Bones Plus was not formulated to treat any bone-related disease or condition.

Who should be taking Healthy Bones Plus?

–        Individuals taking calcium supplement

If you are already taken a calcium supplement, adding Healthy Bones Plus on top will deliver you with optimum bone health.

The inclusion of collagen into mixture further boosts the ability of calcium to bind to the bone matrix. The amount of collagen diminishes as we age. Even if you are taking calcium supplements, reduced bone collagen makes the activity fruitless and insignificant altogether. In most cases, calcium supplementation without adequate collagen binding sites results in reduction in bone mineral density.

The ch-OSA found in Healthy Bones Plus is clinically proven to boost bone collagen production. Those who have tried out Healthy Bones Plus in combination with calcium supplements reveal an increase of 2.0% bone density at the hip region. Improved rate of collagen formation also promotes bone flexibility which in turn gives you the ability to withstand physical stress and sudden impacts.

–        People suffering from bone diseases such as Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

People diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis suffers from reduced bone mineral density. It is then crucial that these individuals consume calcium supplements as well as products that promote bone collagen production. According to Health Bones Plus supplement reviews from experts, those who have taken it regularly experienced a .78% improvement on bone mineral density. Women suffering from the aforementioned conditions experience bone formation or construction due to increased collagen formation. By increasing bone collagen formation, you are effectively improving overall bone health.

–        People taking biphosphonates

Anyone taking medications that contain biphosphonates are recommended to take Healthy Bones Plus. As you are now aware, biphosphonates stop the natural process of bone resorption and degradation. With supplementation, bone loss or resorption slows down, and in some cases, stops altogether.

Biphosphonates are known to prevent the natural breakdown of bone tissues. On the other hand, Healthy Bones Plus reverses bone loss with its key ingredient ch-OSA. Those who have successfully been taking this supplement reported not only prevention of bone loss but also increased rate of new bone formation as well.

Before starting on supplementing your wellness regimen with this product, it is highly advisable to visit your doctor for medical advice. This is especially true among patients suffering from certain medical conditions or those taking prescription medications such as anticoagulants. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also recommended to check in with their doctors prior to taking Healty Bones Plus Supplement by Natural Factors.