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Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews Reviews and Informational Product Report

Dogs are naturally cheerful, playful, and adorable. However, there are times wherein they develop behavioral problems, such as unnatural Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews Reviewsurination/marking activities, excessive barking, hyperactivity, and even destructiveness. These are issues associated with their nervous system, especially if they are feeling anxious or nervous. Products, such as the Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews, are said to be of help in such situations. In this Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews review, we are going to discuss the product and help you decide if it is worth your time and money.


Just like people, dogs are also susceptible to stress, anxiousness, and fear. These negative emotions may not be displayed similarly to how humans do, but they can still affect your pet’s behavior and overall health too. Most of the time, these behavioral problems are caused by being separated from you, being left alone, being confined in a small space, being exposed to loud noises, or being in a situation they are not accustomed to.

The good news is that supplements, like the Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews from Ark Naturals, are widely available. These products have been designed to help counter the effects brought about by stressful events and anxiousness. If your pooch is going through or has gone experienced these situations, it may be a good idea for you to give these a try.
Hopefully, this Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews review is going to be of great help to you in making a decision as to whether or not this supplement should be your choice.

Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chew Reviews

According to the manufacturing company, these soft chews come in a formula that makes use of the highest quality botanical ingredients. It was developed by a PhD herbal scientist and holistic veterinarian with one goal: reduce levels of anxiety as well as minimize motion sickness in dogs.
The Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Soft Chews come in bite-sized form and are said to be highly palatable. They are touted to have been specially formulated to work as a nervousness- and anxiety- reliever. The ingredients used in their manufacturing have been chosen for their stress-reducing properties.
Such stressful events may be caused by separation, socialization, or traveling. They can also be given during storms, visits to the veterinarian, appointments with the groomer, firework events, or when you need to introduce your pet to a new environment, such as your new home.

Directions for Use

Depending on the weight of your beloved canine pal, the number of chews you should give him/her are as follows:
• Dogs weighing up to 10 pounds – 1 chew on a daily basis.
• Dogs weighing up to 30 pounds – 2 to 3 chews on a daily basis.
• Dogs weighing up to 60 pounds – 3 to 4 chews on a daily basis.
• Dogs weighing up to 80 pounds – 5 to 6 chews on a daily basis.
• Dogs weighing 100 pounds and above – 7 chews or more on a daily basis.


The active ingredients that the Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews contain include the following:
• Valerian
• German Chamomile
• L-Tryptophan
• St. Johns Wort

The inactive ingredients, on the other hand, are the following:

• Black Malt Extract
• Dry Poultry Liver Flavor
• Flax Seed Oil
• Gelatin
• Glycerin
• Natural Flavors
• Salt
• Whey

The following ingredients are not used in the manufacturing of these chews:

• Wheat
• Corn
• Soy
• Yeast
• Artificial colors
• Artificial flavors
• Preservatives


These Ark Naturals chews have been designed specifically for the following functions:
1. To help dogs suffering from separation anxiety
2. To help dogs suffering from travel anxiety
3. To help dogs deal with socialization activities
4. To help nervous or excitable dogs handle changes to the environment they are accustomed to, especially during car and airline travels
5. To help dogs in situations involving loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms
6. To help dogs during vet or groomer visits


Here is a rundown of the key features and benefits that the Happy Traveler Chews have:
1. Makes use of all-natural ingredients known for bing effective stress-relievers.
2. Non-habit forming.
3. Can also be used for pets that are recovering from injuries and surgeries.
4. Helps reduce elevated levels of stress.
5. Can be used in anticipation or during situations that may result in stress levels going up.
6. Safe for the use of both dogs and cats.


Before we conclude this Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews review, let us first give you the aspects of the product that we found great about it. Here are just a few of them:
• The taste is well-liked by dogs, which means that the administration of the chews can be very easy and quick.
• Even dogs suffering from digestive issues and allergies can enjoy these chews.
• Anxiety levels are reduced naturally without the risk of making your pet go to sleep.
• Calming properties are effective, especially before and during travels.
• Helps minimize vomiting when traveling.
• Helpful for reducing nervousness
• Effects are quickly noticeable.
• Many user reviews highly recommend this product.

The Drawbacks

There is no perfect product, and even with all the benefits and advantages that the Happy Traveler chews have, there are still potential pitfalls to their use. Some of the most noteworthy are the following:
• You may have to put the chew in food to get your nervous dog to eat it.
• The suggested price, which is at $14.49, may be quite steep for some pet owners.
• The effects may not be as noticeable right away – you may have to wait for a longer period of time to see your beloved pooch mellowing out.
• Bigger dogs have to be given a lot, as is what is recommended by the manufacturer, to get the most number of benefits.


All in all, our conclusion for this Happy Traveler Dog Soft Chews review is that, despite the drawbacks, there is no doubt that the benefits and advantages outweigh them. The price is also easy to fix – there are many online merchants offering the Ark Naturals soft chews for a lower price than what the manufacturer has set as its suggested retail price.