With so many thinning hair products on the market, Especially for Women, it can be very confusing as to which are really the ones to try. Cut to the chase! Find out our favorite 10 and discover which product can really help you with hair volume.

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Hair Club EXT Extreme Therapy Reviews and Consumer Report

The Hair Club, once known only for men, now offers topical treatments for BOTH men and women.  While their Hair Club EXTformulas are fairly common, using Minoxidil for men or women as their active ingredients, the popularity of these products warrant us taking a closer look at the company, its products and the overall effectiveness of this Thinning Hair Solution from Hair Club.

Before you rush into any purchase for thinning hair, you should make sure you do your research.  Thinning hair products typically work at different speeds.  Some that start slowly, may be the ones that wind up giving you the best long term results, and vice versa.  You should anticipate giving any product you try a minimum of 4-6 months to really see if the product can deliver.  Anything less and you are short changing yourself.  So sit back, read through the report, check out our comparison charts and other consumer tools, so that you can make the best choice for your particular situation.

Hair Club EXT Extreme Therapy Reviews

Most of us have heard of the Hair Club before, but that doesn’t mean that we have examined their products, formulas and overall customer reputation.  We recognize the brand, which can often times “trick” our minds into thinking that this is the best or most effective product out there for us.  That is just not always the case.

When we checked out the website and overall reputation of Hair Club, we found it to be professional, upfront and trustworthy.  There do not seem to be any concerning or alarming marketing claims, which happens more than you may expect.  Overall, as an organization Hair Club should be on your list to be considered as an option.

Our examination of the formula was less exciting, but that doesn’t mean the product is less effective.  Its just that they feature Minoxidil as their active ingredient and while there is research to support its use for hair growth, many consumers have tried other Minoxidil without benefit.  Plus, there is the side effect thing which is concerning for obvious reasons, which we will discuss below.

Price and Buying

Finding out the price and buying options of Hair Club EXT Extreme Therapy is a very involved process.  The company does not simply publish this information on their website, instead forcing you to schedule a consultation that most consumers are not interested in.  A search of other websites for this information did not reveal any other listing of prices, but it did uncover some complaints that the product is a waste of time and money.  Whether or not that is true, we don’t know.  But I think it would just be easier to show the price of the topical products.  This type of behavior causes us to doubt the organization, just doesn’t make sense.


Hair Club EXT uses Minoxidil as its active ingredient.  It has some clinical success in helping stop hair growth and stimulate new growth going forward.  It is used in many of the more traditional hair loss treatments on the market, you may have even tried a product that contains Minoxidil before.

In addition to the intended effects of Minoxidil, there are also some unintended effects you need to be aware of.

  • Weight Gain of more than 5 lbs.
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Chest Pains of Discomfort
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Bloating
  • Flushness of Skin

While some of these risks are more common than others, understand what it is that you are taking.  You need to use Hair Club EXT every day for a long time.  Before you trade thinning hair for weight gain, you should at least be aware of the risks you will take with Minoxidil based products.

Information Reported Online

A simple search of “Hair Club Complaints” on google revealed too many complaints to include here.  To be honest, it startled us a bit.  Some of the claims made by consumers are very serious.  While many of these complaints are about the wigs and surgical procedures offered by Hair Club and not the topical treatment EXT we are examining, but a complaint is a complaint and we are obligated to include them here.

Of the concerns regarding topical treatments, billing practices and overall effectiveness are the top complaints among consumers.  That being said, there are plenty of positive reviews out there as well, where consumers are pleased and content with the product.

Nowadays, reviews found online can be misleading both in positive and negative directions.  Sometimes an upset customer can take the negative review online too far and sometimes the manufacturer can boost the reputation of their product with false reviews.  You have to be objective and make a smart choice based upon how you feel about the information you are reading, not what others are saying.

In a Nut Shell

Overall, Hair Club functions in many cities around the country.  There are going to be some offices that do better than others.  For topical treatments, you need not consider too much concern about wigs and surgical procedures, it has nothing to do with topical treatments.  If the concerns of effectiveness are an issue for you, we understand.  Its true, Hair Club is NOT the most effective treatment on the market and the Side Effects are very real concerns.

But this product is NOT a scam and it will produce limited results in most users if they use the product long enough.

In our opinion there are better options on the market at better prices that are hard to ignore.  If you are interested in learning more about product options, check out our comparison charts and consumer tools to learn more.