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H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum Summary and Report

Facelift creams are dubbed as the ultimate skincare products to fight skin aging.  Beauty companies all claim that their respective lifting serum formula is the best in the h2o aquafirm intensive lift serum market. Of course, this is false as most of the time, only a small percentage of skincare companies have actually invested a great deal of time and effort into making anti-aging possible. One of the more famous brands when it comes to effective anti-aging is H20 +. The company is a pioneer in the application of marine ingredients to nourish and de-age the skin. Their H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum is a phenomenal formulation that magically erases the signs of skin aging. Powerful blend of seaweeds and algae are utilized as they are known to feature a multitude of minerals and antioxidants that enrich the skin, making it younger, smoother, and more beautiful.

This H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum review will center on the many benefits of using this anti-aging cream in combatting wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness. In addition, we will also enumerate the ingredients as well as reviews from consumers who have had the chance to try out the H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum themselves.

Company Overview

It was in 1989 that H2O Plus was launched in the United States. Despite being relatively new in the business, this skincare name successfully launched more than 100 products, all of which are made from ingredients sourced from the sea. H2O Plus formulated proprietary marine-derived blends in each and every product they released in 1989. The exclusive Hydrogel Technology is proof of their commitment in ongoing research and development of marine-based plant species. Hydrogel Technology was and is still a cutting-edge formulation which enables the skin to absorb and retain vital nutrients for extended periods of time.

The H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum is a result of years of research and continuous development, H2O Plus was successful in discovering the most powerful formulations with the use of advanced technological innovations. Ingredients sourced from a vibrant marine ecosystem, the skin is supplied with the best skin formulations on Earth.

What is a Lifting Cream?

As we age, the skin loses its vitality and youth due to many factors. One of the major elements which affect skin quality is that of sun exposure. The UVA/UVB rays from the sun not only darken the skin, but cooks away moisture too. The natural skin aging process is yet another culprit in the deterioration of the skin cells as free radicals invade the innermost layers of the skin eventually killing them in the process. The process of oxidation which results in the development of free radicals proliferation is altogether unavoidable, but there are ways by which it can slow down.

Lifting cream and serums are skincare products which are specifically designed to lift and firm the skin, making it look naturally younger. It is a noninvasive anti-aging treatment that effectively nourishes the skin as well. Although the results provided by lifting creams and serums are not as dramatic as those offered by surgical face lifts, the results are known to offer a more natural anti-aging outcome- something that is more pleasant and desirable to most aging women.

H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum Reviews

Skin resilience is one major aspect of anti-aging. In order to achieve a more beautiful skin as you age, the firmness, elasticity, and overall texture need to be taken care of before anything else. The breakdown of collagen as we age is one major reason why skin tissues, especially that of the epidermis, start to sag and appear wrinkled. The goal of the Aquafirm line is to smooth out all skin aging signs by delivering high doses of anti-aging ingredients that are sourced from the far depths of the sea. The H2O Intensive Lift Serum promises to lift and firm the skin continuously and without fail as you use it on the long term.

The Intensive Lift Serum contains a highly concentrated formula that moisturizes to bring back optimal skin elasticity and firmness.  It contains ingredients which not only lift, but contour the face so your face looks more toned and smooth as well.


–        It features sea-enriched vitamins and minerals that protect the skin from harsh elements and offer a microlifting effect as well.

–        The plumping marine microspheres that is inherent across all Aquafirm skincare products facilitate the supply of hydration to the skin, thus making it plumper and healthier looking too.

–        As what a powerful anti-aging product should have, the H2O Intensive Lifting Serum contains amino acids, and algae that stimulate health production of collagen by the skin.

Compare H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lift Serum with the Best Lift Serums

Key Ingredients

•        Sea Nutrient Barrier

The microlifting effect of this ingredients comes from oat extract and algae. The combination protects the skin as well as pulls the skin surface cells together for a firmer appearance.

•        Marine Microsphere

This ingredient helps in plumping the skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines. The encapsulated spheres penetrate deep within the layers, and nourishes the skin even more.

•        Cholorella Marine Algae

This marine ingredient is enriched with amino acids namely proline, glycine, alanine, and lysine- all of which function to increase the production of collagen by the skin cells.

H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lifting Serum Reviews

As H2O is pioneer in the use of marine-based plant extracts in the production of skincare products, experts and consumers are all eager into trying out the H2O Intensive Lifting Serum. According to H2O Aquafirm Intensive Lifting Serum reviews, the formulation is strong enough to provide the results that it claims to deliver with regular use. Despite the high concentration of ingredients, this lifting cream is suitable for all skin types.

Customers who have written their own reviews about this product were delighted with its lightweight nature and mildly-scented fragrance. In terms of application, the mlifting serum glides smoothly and easily onto the skin. Its quick absorbing nature makes it the perfect skincare product to use under a moisturizer during the day time. At night, users can use it in tandem with other anti-aging products without worrying about allergic reactions.