Our 10 Favorite African Mango Supplements

Trying to find the right African Mango Supplement? Take the time to do your homework and be sure to see our list of 10 we find our favorites

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Garden Greens Lychee Mango Fruit Chews Reviews and Product Summary

Garden Greens has a slightly different approach to the african mango craze in recent years.  Their Lychee Mango Fruit Chews claim Lychee Mango Reviewsto combine both the lychee and the Mango to help its users achieve their weight loss goals.  Garden Greens is a company that is visible on many retailers websites, including amazon.  The company maintains that this fruit chew gives you just the edge you are looking for in your battle for fitness.

You may be aware of all of the benefits of african mango, but are you as familiar with the lychee?  Lychee is an exotic fruit derived from the rainforests of Southern China, and has been used traditionally for thousands of years to calm the spirit and provide energy. Lychee contains unique polyphenols that have actually been suggested by studies to help support healthy body composition.

Garden Greens Lychee Mango Fruit Chews Reviews

Before you make any decisions about the weight loss supplement that you are looking for, specifically those that contain mango, you should have some basic understanding of what you are looking for.  Do more than just read testimonials and marketing hype.  You want to understand what types of concentrations are best, how often should you take it, do you need to make any other modifications to your lifestyle to accommodate the use of mango supplements?

Because Gardens Greens does not have some of the same brand recognition as other major manufacturers.  It is normal to be a bit hesitant from using their products.  All reports seem to show that this company has a reputable name and the products are of decent quality.  This is not a true african mango supplement so make sure you understand what you are getting with  Garden Greens Lychee Mango Fruit Chews.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Each package contains 30 fruit chews.  The directions are to eat 1 fruit chew each day.  So that would mean that each package is a 30 day supply.

Overall Impression

Our overall impression is that Garden Greens is trying to stand out in the weight loss supplement industry and fruit chews are a fairly decent way to differentiate yourself.  But that is about where the excitement ends.  The product, while of decent quality, does not have the amount users online that can verify the success of the chews.  Typically, you can get a better understanding of a product by reading the reviews and response about a product.  Garden Greens users did not seem to have to much to say in either direction.

For us, this leaves too many questions unanswered to warrant a recommendation in either direction.  We do know that some products have great response and while Garden Greens may be one of those companies, we have been unable to find the evidence or proof of such.  Check out our Comparison charts for more information.