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Flamasil Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report


flamasil reviewsFlamasil is a brand that may be recognized by consumers who suffer from gout symptoms.  In our search, we found that many consumers identified this brand as one they had heard of, yet not too many had tried the product personally.  We found that strange, to say the least.  We wanted to take a closer look at this gout symptom relief supplement and see for ourselves what the ingredients are, the concentrations and of course what consumers reaction was to the product.  Of course, we complied this data and shared it for our readers.

Despite Flamasil’s recognizable name, there is not a wealth of information on the internet about the history of the company.  As we examined the website, we were a bit surprised on how little information was there about the company that manufactures the product. While not necessary, we do recommend that consumers understand the organization they are purchasing from as well as the product that they manufacture.  We were disappointed on the lack of information published.

Flamasil Reviews

Typically, when we do our reviews of any given supplement, we take the time to learn about the company first, then we turn our attention to the product itself.  In this instance, there is very little information out there regarding company, although we believe its history to be one of good standing.  Been in business for years, and plenty of consumers who claim the product worked well for them, etc.  The company seems have a quality product for consumers who are suffering from gout.

As we turned our attention to the ingredients and the supplement facts of Flamasil, we were SHOCKED to find that we were unable to read the ingredients of the product on the manufacturers website.  There was one small bullet point that claims the product has anti oxidants ‘Turmeric, Garlic, Probiotics, Boswellia and more.”  There was NO link to see the label or supplement facts at all.  Therefore, we cannot look at the concentration of ingredients or what exactly constitutes ‘more’.  A big disappointment.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

As we stated, the company refuses to publish supplement facts about Flamasil.  We do not know what the reasoning behind that choice is, however it makes it very difficult for consumers to make educated buying decisions.  Typically, this is considered a red flag in the supplement industry.

Information Reported Online

There are plenty of websites that are selling Flamasil and therefore you can read quite a bit about this product online.  You will not, however, find manufacture published supplement facts.  While there may be 3rd party information about the product, remember you cannot trust that information to be true unless the manufacturer publishes it.  It makes for serious questions about this product.

While experts have their questions about the product, it seems that consumers are willing to try it despite the lack of information.  Chances are that this product will never live up to the hype and claims it makes.  While over stating a products effectiveness is no laughing matter, Flamasil will likely aid in the relief of gout like symptoms, although in a limited basis.

In a Nut Shell

Flamasil Reviews have shown that this product has some benefits to consumers who suffer from gout.  That being said, it does not compare with the top performing companies in this niche.  There are some beneficial ingredients, no doubt about that.  But in order to warrant a recommendation, they need to provide more information to their consumers BEFORE they buy the product.  Flamasil relies on hype and claims to sell their product, rather than letting the ingredients do the talking.

In our recommendation, you continue to do your research about gout supplements.  If you still feel that Flamasil is the right choice for you, go for it.  For our money, we would check out the comparison charts and other consumer tools to see which products can be trusted to deliver the results you are looking for.

Flamasil Reviews