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EZorb Bone Supplement Reviews and Product Summary

The secret to a happy and healthy life is the ability to perform any type of activity that we desire. Through the years, our body deteriorates in that various organ systems EZorb Bone Supplement Reviewsdo not function as excellently like when we were younger. One obvious effect of aging that we most commonly experience is that of bone weakness. In order for us to treat this problem, the supplementation of calcium supplements such as EZorb Bone Supplement Reviews becomes a must.

Based on studies, those who enjoy longer lifespan are those that exercise balanced eating, exercise, and the intake of calcium compounds. In the case of the elderly people in Okinawa, Japan, naturally occurring calcium compounds are their secret to a long and happy life.

After years of research and experimentation, scientists have identified key substances that are known to be the cause of longer lifespan of men and women in Okinawa.

The company behind EZorb Bone Supplement spent years of replicating this natural compound in the laboratory setting. After two years of relentless experimentation, the company was able to produce the organic calcium compound which normally takes hundreds, even thousands of years to produce. This major scientific breakthrough is now a patented new technology. It was well to produce the same calcium with the utilization of several plant-based products instead.

The final outcome of this intensive experimentation is EZorb. This calcium supplement is becoming popular due to its high calcium absorption rate, which clearly beats any other calcium supplement in the market today. People suffering from bone-related illnesses such as osteoporosis, bone spurs, osteomalacia, and arthritis have nothing but positive EZorb Bone Supplement reviews. In fact, experts are saying that no other calcium supplement can come close to the potency and efficacy of EZorb in enhancing the condition of bones, joints, and muscles.

Compare EZorb Bone Supplement with the very Best Bone Supplement Products

 According to new industry standards, a supplement’s rate of absorption is the only measure recognized by health professionals in the assessment and evaluation of calcium supplement effectiveness. In the case of EZorb Bone Supplement, it boasts an unprecedented 92% rate of calcium absorption that which is 20 times higher than competing calcium supplements in the market. In addition, EZorb calcium has the ability to extend the rate of calcium absorption not only in the duodenum, but along the entire length of the small intestine.

Calcium supplements with low to medium absorption rates are not only inefficient in building stronger bones and joints, but are dangerous to health as well. Unabsorbed calcium combines with inorganic compounds in the intestine and forms intestinal and kidney stones.

Ezorb holds the current world record in terms of rate of absorption at 92%. There is no other supplementation in the market which can work as excellently as EZorb, and that is a guarantee that its manufacturer offer to all of its users.

EZorb Benefits

EZorb can be given to children and teenagers too as it help them develop strong bones and teeth. For pregnant women and lactating mothers, EZorb answers to the calcium deficiency that they experience during these life stages. For seniors on the other hand, EZorb successfully promotes the development of healthy bones, joints, and muscles. Furthermore, its speeds up metabolism as well as boost the recovery of patients following surgery or accidents.

Regular supplementation of EZorb is extremely powerful in the prevention and treatment of the following disorders:

–        Osteoporosis

–        Osteopenia

–        Osteomalacia

–        Bone fractures

–        Bone and heel spurs

–        Fibromyalgia

–        Nerve and muscle pain

–        Lower back pain

The cutting-edge EZorb calcium is made up of calcium aspartate anhydrous, an organic compound sourced from plant extracts by way of the Elixir Industry’s proprietary technology. No other company uses this form of technology in the production of their calcium supplements.

Calcium aspartate anhydrous gets absorbed in the stomach in its original form. Unlike traditional calcium compounds found in supplements such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and calcium gluconate, EZorb does not need stomach acids to be absorbed by the body. This means that it can be taken with or without meals.

Yet another unique feature of EZorb is its extended release quality which means that calcium absorption capabilities are extended along the entire length of the intestine when you choose to supplement your diet with EZorb instead. Due to its potent but mild formulation, EZorb does not cause GI discomfort or stomach upset whereas traditional bone supplements are known to cause major stomach upsets as well as constipation when taken without meals.

The major selling point of EZorb is its ability to improve bone, muscle, and joint metabolism with its exclusive formulation. With regular intake, you are sure to avoid many illnesses on the long haul.

What makes EZorb the best bone supplement today?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of calcium compounds in nature. Most bone supplements contain a mixture of different calcium compounds which in turn significantly alter their rate of absorption as well as functionality.

Calcium carbonate is the most commonly used compound in calcium supplements. It is known to be the least absorbable form of calcium. EZorb on the other hand is made from calcium aspartate anhydrous, an organic compound that is extracted from plant-based products instead.

In terms of bioavailability, EZorb is known to be more bioavailable than inorganic minerals. How is this possible?

Calcium supplements are absorbed in the small intestine. They become soluble in the luminal fluid of the GI tract. The pH of the small intestinal fluid ranges between 7 and 7.2. Inorganic calcium supplements produce insoluble hydroxides once they reach the intestines. This makes them extremely difficult to be absorbed into the bloodstream. On the other hand, EZorb Calcium is protected by L-Aspartic acids that do no precipitate despite the presence of luminal fluids. It has an unprecedented 92% absorption rate, that which is 9 times higher and more efficient than calcium carbonate and calcium citrate as well.

In addition to its ability to strengthen the bones, EZorb contains enough calcium to stimulate osteoblast activities and enhancement of collagen production as well.