Inside Report of the 10 PREFERRED Menopause supplements of our staff, designed to ease the discomfort and symptoms of menopause. Don't waste time...just buy the ones we approve.

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Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief Product Summary

Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief ReviewsAll women would have to face and deal with the symptoms of menopause at one point in their lives, since it’s an age related condition. However, it does not mean that
aging females should just submit themselves to the roller-coaster ride of emotions. Much thanks to high quality nutritional supplements designed specifically for this natural body process, these signs of aging can be relieved. Such benefits are promised by plenty of Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief reviews you will find online.

This Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief review was written in the hopes of helping out women who are about to or are already suffering constantly from the negative effects brought about by menopause. If you are willing to spend money on nutritional supplements that can help alleviate these signs, then make sure that you read this article first.

About the Manufacturing Company i-Health, Inc.

The company that is behind the creation of these Estroven supplements is none other than i-Health, Inc. The company was established after the integration of i-Nutrition with Amerifit Brands. Estroven is not the only brand owned and operated by the corporation: AZO, BrainStrong, Culturelle, DHEA, i-cool, i-flex, and Ovega-3 are also under it. Estroven, as the name subtly implies, is a brand that provides various health products for women.

Compare Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief with the Best Menopause Supplements 

Maximum Strength Menopause Relief – What are these Supplements?

Estroven® Maximum Strength, known previously as Estroven® Extra Strength, is a supplement that features all-natural ingredients. These components, according to the manufacturer, have been clinically tested and found to have the power to lessen the severity and frequency of hot flashes, night sweats, and other common menopausal symptoms. Essential vitamins and minerals as well as herbs are also used in the supplements’ creation, as these are believed to address some of the other most common indications of menopause. Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief Reviews

Claims Made by i-Health, Inc. Regarding these Supplements

If you have already come across other Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief reviews, then you already know that the manufacturer has made plenty of claims about it. The manufacturing company claims that this brand offers the best nutritional supplements because of the following:

1.        With soy isoflavones as well as standardized black cohosh contents that are twice as much as what you would find in other supplements, Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief is more effective in reducing hot flashes and night sweats.

2.        The Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Folic Acid contents help improve the overall health of the heart.

3.        It also contains Calcium, which is essential for the health of the bones.

4.        The Balancing Herbal Blend that the supplements are incorporated with aids in reducing stress and irritability while also improving mental clarity.

5.        Since the Estroven® Maximum Strength nutritional supplements, there have been no reports of the product causing side effects.

6.        The Estroven® Maximum Strength also features the same formula as the Estroven® Extra Strength variant, but it has twice the potency and power of Black Cohosh, which considerably reduces the symptoms associated with menopause.

7.        The added Vitamin D supports and promotes stronger bones as well as healthier immune system functions.

What Do these Supplements Contain?

It is not uncommon for you to find Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief reviews that do not list the ingredients used in the product. However, this does not mean that you should no longer educate yourself on the components that make up the product. Taking the time to learn more about these ingredients can actually help you determine its efficacy and safety.

Estroven Maximum Strength Menopause Relief ReviewsSo to make your decision-making process easier, below you will find a list of ingredients and nutrients that go into every serving (1 caplet) of these nutritional supplements.

•        1000 IU of Vitamin D

•        30 IU of Vitamin E

•        5 mg of Thiamin B1

•        5 mg of Riboflavin B2

•        20 mg of Niacin B3

•        20 mg of Vitaminn B6

•        400 mcg of Folate, Folic Acid, and Folacin

•        25 mcg of Vitamin B12

•        100 mg of Calcium

•        50 mg of Phosphorus

•        70 mcg of Selenium

•        120 mcg of Chromium

•        80 mcg of Boron Chelate

•        80 mg of Black Cohosh Root

•        400 mg of Estroven Balancing Herbal Blend

Recommended Dosage and Proper Use of the Health Supplements

It is important for you to understand that in order for the Estroven Maximum Strength supplements to work, you need to incorporate it into your day to day regimen. Two caplets every day, once before every large meal, is the recommended dosage.

While some women who took the product properly already noticed the benefits within a span of 7 to 10 days, this does not mean that you will experience the same thing. You should not expect too much from the product – it will work gradually and over time.

You should also keep in mind that most of the product’s ongoing benefits become noticeable within 30 to 60 days from the time of its first use. Most other supplements and/or prescription estrogen products work well in conjunction with this Estroven product, but make sure that you consult your primary physician first in the event that you are taking other prescription medications.

The Good and the Bad about Estroven

We’re almost down to our verdict for this Estroven Maximum Strength review. Before we give you our recommendation though, it would be wise to give you rundown of what we find great about it as well as its not-so-good aspects.


•        Significant reduction in hot flashes

•        Some women may even enjoy a hot flash-free menopausal stage

•        Improves sleep – longer and much more relaxing

•        Deepens sleep

•        Decreases night sweats considerably

•        Price is within most consumers’ budget range


•        Some consumers have reported dehydration as a side effect of the product

•        Contains soy, which is a common allergen

•        Continued use is very important as the symptoms will go back if consumption of the product is discontinued